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The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly!


This site is all about ferrets, so if you’ve ever wanted a ferret, or you’ve already been taken over by one of these enchanting animals, then you’re in the right place.

Because it’s not only all about ferrets, but a whole lot more – there’s heaps to learn about the whole mustelid family (ferrets, badgers, otters, weasels, stoats, martens, etc).

If you’ve ever wanted to know …

How to look after ferrets
Where ferrets came from
What to look for when buying a ferret
Whether there’s a limit to how many socks they can possibly steal. (By the way, the answer’s “no”)

How to breed ferrets (not for the faint hearted!)
How to ferret proof your house (and why you MUST do it)
How to tell the difference between male and female ferrets
Most people know that a group of ferrets is usually called a “business” but did you know about this other noun?
What to do if your ferret goes walkabout!

and …

for you lucky people in Europe who can take your ferrets on vacation with you, I hope you’ll never need this page but *should* your ferret get sick when you’re in a different country, you can find a ferret vet in (hopefully) any European country you’re in! ?

Anyhow – that’s the easy stuff – you can find that anywhere!

But how about this … ?

Did Queen Victoria really have ferrets
What the King James Bible says about ferrets
What the “weasel war dance” is all about
Which famous 4th century BC playwright talked about farts which smelled worse than weasels (seriously!)
Who described Noel Coward as “clever as a bag of ferrets”?
The fascination the ancient Anatolians had for weasels in Çatalhöyük
How many “kissing” cousins does the ferret have?
How do you say FERRET in Friulian
What do the words for the song “Pop goes the Weasel” mean?
The advice given to women in childbirth by Pliny the Elder (who was killed in the Vesuvius eruption), in using “fluids coming from a weasel’s uterus”.. Kak – aren’t you glad you don’t live in THOSE days!
What Queen Elizabeth the First’s jeweler used ferret’s teeth for

Now THERE’s some stuff you’re not going to find out easily! Good “quiz night” material too!


But for those of you who are already ferret owners, I would love it if you’d share your stories with all of us and, more importantly, with those who are thinking about becoming ferret owners.
Tell us about the scares you’ve had when you thought you lost your ferret/s and how important it is to ferret proof your house!
Or if you’ve found a decent natural remedy for your sick ferret, please share it with us. That sort of advice will be of huge help to those who find themselves with a sick ferret and are anxious to know how to get additional advice about how to help their pets recover.
And for those of you who’ve lost a ferret to illness, an accident or old age, remember them at the Rainbow Bridge page.
Write a short tribute in their memory … we will all share your sadness but also will be able to celebrate the life of a wonderful pet.



When I said this site is all about ferrets, of course it can’t possibly have EVERYTHING there is to know about ferrets! But what I’ve tried to do is bring you a fascinating collection of things both practical and whimsical.
Everything I’ve learned about keeping these gorgeous little ratbags, loving every minute along the way. Plus a whole boatload of other stuff about ferrets and other mustelids.

So, take a while to visit the links below (or over at the left) and explore the wonderful word of ferrets (and mustelids!)

Enjoy and hooroo! (That’s Aussie for “see ya later”)

Note – no ferrets were harmed in the production of this website. Any similarity between the reader and any of the ferrets illustrated or mentioned in any way, is purely coincidental ?



Big News Below!!! ?

All About Ferrets has a new owner! ?

Anja has been a part of the ferret world since 2012 when she got her first ferret, Frida. A few years later she got an addition, a small but energetic bundle of joy named Yoda!

She loves everything about ferrets and she wants to share good and quality information about them so other people can see what awesome pets they are.

I know Anja will give new life to this website and I am so happy that I found someone who loves ferrets as much as I do to take it over! ?




53 thoughts on “This Site is All About Ferrets…”

  1. Thank you so much, Mojo!! I’m thrilled that you like it and – don’t forget – if you want to learn more about ferrets, just mooch around and see what I’ve written 😀

    Love you, sweetheart!


  2. I am just so besotted with these little critters that I love finding out more information about them to share with my readers 🙂
    And … it keeps my brain active so that HOPEFULLY I won’t get Alzheimer’s! LOL!

  3. I have a ferret named Ber and he is a big fat lover and girls you need a boyfriend a ferret makes a perfect one! He does the ferret war dance when he gets a treat ?. I love this site it is a lot of help bear says thank you and so do I!

  4. Hi Deanna
    So glad you like my site – thanks so much for saying so 😀
    Your Bear sounds like a gorgeous boy! Please give him a big kiss on his nose from the old granny down under – LOL! 😛
    Hugs to Bear from his new buddies, Misha and Grisha!

  5. Hey Nona, i have no ferrets yet but im hoping to get one soon (even though im only 11). i have don most of me research on your site. Thank you so much for putting it up!!!! it is so informative.

    Whis me luck in convicing my parents to get a ferret.


  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, Ferret Lover! Much appreciated!
    I hope all goes well and you get your ferret – they make wonderful pets and bring so much love and laughter to their owners 😀
    Wishing you all the best ❤️

  7. Hi!

    Several years ago when I was a kid, I had a bit of a Ferret Obsession. I used to come to your website frequently to read all about them and learn everything I could. I think I was hoping to convince my parents that we could get a ferret friend, though that never did happen (and probably better for it, don’t think we could have dedicated the time one deserves!)

    Fast forward to now – I’m doing a degree in zoology, and writing about the mink. I was looking for sources for my paper and landed on the page for mink here. I was wondering what your site was called, but lucky for me I stumbled upon it by accident! Talk about a blast from the past! Now I’ve just combed the website again for old time’s sake and gotten no work done tonight – oops!! But worth it I say 😀

    This place taught me lots of cool info to keep my curious young self occupied back then, and it’s great to see it still running. Who knows – maybe one day my life will create a ferret shaped hole in it and I’ll be able to welcome one in. Hope you and the crew have been having a great time, and a greater time to come!

    Best wishes!

  8. Oh Kate – thank you SO much for taking the time to write those wonderful words! You really made my day ?
    I’m so pleased to know how you enjoyed the website as it really was a labour of love and needs more work, but I’m now concentrating on a genealogy site for my kids and grandkids so that has taken up much of my time these past 7 years.
    I do hope you will find time in your life to have a ferret! They are just so amazing – truly God’s little comedians – and once you fall in love with one, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get one ?
    So thanks again for your very kind words! It really lifted my spirit to know that you found this site fun and informative!❤

  9. Hello, I came across your site and saw how much information you have, maybe you can help me. I have a pair of ferrets I received, both are kits, Lilo and Stitch. Since we’ve got them home I noticed Lilo has been nipping a lot, bitting their cage, hammock, food bowl, water bottle, everything and Lilo will actively run at us and nip, not breaking skin but still hard enough to pinch. I don’t know if I should chalk this up to them being kits, 2 months old, or if they’re stressed. I’ve put toys in their cage and tried the affirmative No when nipping, but still worried. Any advice? Stitch nips a bit but he seems a little more calmer and I believe his is just attention nipping.

  10. Hi Joseph
    I can only suggest that you get some Bitter Apple or some similiar nasty tasting goop and put it where Lilo bite. Smear it on his cage bars, etc, and also where he nips you. If you can be there when he’s biting, you should make sure you say NO loudly when he puts his mouth where he shouldn’t.
    You can also use the “mother” technique – if he bites your hand or whatever, grab him by the neck, shake (like his mother would) and say NO loudly so it is obvious that what he is doing is a no-no! ?
    I hope that helps somewhat!
    Hugs to Lilo and Stitch from their new buddies down under (Mischa & Grisha) ???Cheers

  11. Hello! I used to have a ferret years ago and she unfortunately passed away due to old age. I received her from a friend who found her and was looking for someone to care for her. Fast forward I now would like to get another ferret. they are technically illegal to have in California where I live, but I used to take mine to Loma Linda to get her treated and all was well. Do you know of an organization, a rescue on specifically, that I can contact to get one? Thanks, Jenna.

  12. I like this website. I am looking onto getting a ferret once I move out of my parents home and I never owned one before. So I was curious; Is it ok for them to be out of their cages if they are locked away in a ferret-proof bedroom while I am at work? I could be working more than 8 hours but for only 4 days a week. I was wondering if I should also get a playpen to put around their cage just to make sure they will be contained in the bedroom and not destroy the house (I will also be bringing my 3 cats with me when I move out). I would love to know if they are able to roam their own room if the door is closed and ferret-proof at all times? Hopefully I’m making sense with my questions.

  13. Hi Maddison
    If you’re 100% sure that your bedroom is ferret proofed, then it’d be fine to leave them to free roam in your room. HOWEVER, be warned – if there’s a carpet in your room,, the ferrets will scratch at the closed door and might even reach the concrete! If you have a ceiling-to-floor wardrobe and the door is closed, they will scratch there too!
    I’m not sure a playpen will keep the ferrets enclosed but perhaps if it’s pretty solid it might. Anything with netting wouldn’t stand a chance as ferrets would destroy it easily!! I’ve also seen ferrets climbing out of playpens so think about that too.
    Hope that’s been of help to you ?
    Good luck!

  14. To Nona,
    Oh my gosh thanks so much for the help. I want to get a ferret, but I don’t have room for one right now. Hopefully whenever I move out of my parents place and find a home, I can just keep my ferret in a closed off open bedroom, that way they can have time out of its cage while I am at work and I’m not worried about it getting bored for 8 hours a day until I get home. Do you suggest tile floors then? How can I make sure my future ferret won’t scratch the heck out of the door while I’m not home? Should I get my ferret a friend to play with or get it a lot of toys instead to keep it to busy to destroy the door? I’ve never owned a exotic animal before, so getting a ferret is so new to me. Also how many cups should a ferret eat a day if I want to free feed them (I could have a full time job and can’t be there to refill the bowl everytime it’s empty, so I want to make sure they will have enough to eat in an 8 hour or longer day). I’ve been looking it up for a couple of days but I can’t find anything helpful. Is there a way I can contact you if I have anymore questions instead of the website?

  15. Hi Maddison
    I would certainly recommend getting two ferrets so that they can keep themselves company when you’re away, but please make sure you’re able to pay for the vet bills for two ferrets if need be!
    If you give them a good quality dry food then just keep the bowl filled (as well as a clean water dish) and they’ll be fine. You could always give them some fresh meat as a treat when you’re home. You wouldn’t want to leave fresh meat out as ferrets tend to stash their food and if it gets old, it could hurt the ferret if it decided to munch on it days later. A friend used to give her ferrets day-old chicks and one of her ferrets stashed the chick, my friend forgot to search her ferret’s bedding and when her ferret ate the chick days later, she died of salmonella! ?
    Yes, a tiled floor is great if you can get that, lino or sealed wooden floors.
    You can contact me via the email address on this page …


  16. Hello I’m new here, my name is Bella and I have a 1yr old boy ferret named Batman, this morning I woke up to him very lethargic and very dark urine. I called around and no one call take him right now because he’s an exotic animal, I think it’s a uti. Is there any natural remedies you know that can help?

  17. Hi Bella
    I think if Batman has a UTI then he should be on antibiotics to clear it up. I know that cranberries are recommended for UTIs in humans but I haven’t come across anything for ferrets, not having had one with that problem.

    Have you checked for a ferret vet near to where you live?

    I hope you’ll find a vet who will fix Batman up asap!
    Good luck ❤

  18. A ferret should never be shook by the neck ‘as a mother would do’. The mothers do not shake their babies and usually don’t actually carry them in a scruffed type of carry. They grab more of the head or other body parts. Injury can be caused by scruffing wrong & definitely by shaking.:'( // Vinegar w/water or a little Lemon w/water is better to spray on areas to stop nipping. The bitter apple & similar often have chemicals that aren’t safe. So many things written here make educated ferret people or exotic vets sad for the misinformation.

  19. Hi,
    I have four ferrets. 2yo desexed male, 2yo desexed female, 5m full male 5mo full female.
    The two females don’t get along at all. Originally the older of the two would chase her and the younger would hide. Now she hunts for her, so she can attack her, no blood, lots of screaming from 5mo and 2yo wees herself. They are both attacking each other now, hissing, biting can’t even be in the same room together or they will try anything to get to each other.
    Both get along with the males fine in a group of 3.
    What can I do to help them bond?

  20. Oh Emily, I am so sorry to hear about your girls not getting on ?
    I can only suggest putting something like Bitter Apple, or something similar, on the young one so that your older girl will get a mouthful of bleah if she bites her young one on the neck or wherever. If they are both fighting, then put the nasty tasting ointment on both of them.
    I find these things usually pan out but sometimes it takes a long time, which is really stressful for both the owner and the ferret/s involved.
    I had two silvermitts ages ago named Fidget and Marshmallow – and they didn’t get along. Whenever Marshmallow saw Fidget. she’d start screaming and Fidget didn’t do anything! I wanted it to play out but my husband couldn’t stand the noise so I had to find another home for Marshmallow ?
    I know it’s super frustrating to have this but could it be that your jill smells quite different to the older girl because she’s a full female?
    Are you planning to have her sterilised? Perhaps if you do, she won’t smell so much so the older girl will accept her as a friend?
    I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer but I wish you well!
    GOOD LUCK and big hugs to all your babies from their new buddies across the Nullarbor ❤

  21. The articles I personally wrote are from my experience with ferrets over the years but articles by other people … who knows ?‍♀️

  22. Found your page as I was looking for ways to cope with the loss of one of my ferrets. I appreciate your rainbow bridge page immensely during this time. My Bandit has been such a light in my life and to take him to be put down tomorrow is breaking me. I worry for his brother and how he will cope with this. They are both a little over 4 years old but Mr. Bandit has always seemed to have more health issues. I don’t know how i will get through it without him but finding your page has given me some comfort. Any advice you have on getting through this would be much appreciated. Thank you

  23. Hi Sara
    I am so sorry to hear about Bandit and I hope that his journey to the Rainbow Bridge went kindly! It’s horrible to have a sick ferret and know you have to take him to see the vet for his last visit ?
    I lost one of my boys just last week ? He had lost the use of his hind legs due to a genetic problem with his back and Philip, my husband, had got him a chariot made by a 3D printer! That was in March and he was doing so welll but on Sunday last he was acting a little strange and pooped a black blob onto the puppy pad he was lying on and he refused to eat or drink. I was sick with worry that he would die that night but he looked much happier on Monday morning, he took his Redipred and licked up the egg yolk it was in, and even drank quite a bit of smoothie. I checked his poop and it was looking like it should so I was thrilled that he was getting better. Then on Wednesday morning we found him lying out of his bed in our shower, cold and lifeless! I was a mess for several days afterwards but that’s life, I guess!
    I am now in the same position that you are in with his brother looking very sad, not playing and just sleeping through the day!
    To be honest, I really don’t know what to suggest doing with your little one who has been left behind as this has never happened to me before!
    I always had 6 ferrets in the family and when one left for the Bridge, I would mourn but after a while I would get another one with the same colouring to come into the family. Having several ferrets around really helped to stop the pain in my heart getting too severe.
    However 7 years ago I got a really bad infection in my knee so was in hospital for 4 months on strong antibiotics. When I was allowed to come home, I realised I wasn’t going to be as strong and able to have so many ferrets and accepted my husband’s suggestion that I just kept it at two.
    The last 2 I had were Mojo and Kimiko. Mojo had a swollen liver and my vet told me to make her comfy as she probably wouldn’t last a week – but I put a lot of supplements in her smoothie and she was in good health and happy for another 18 months. However when Kimiko realised her friend wasn’t back from the vet, she just gave up! Refused to eat or drink and within a week I had to take her to the vet for her final visit.
    I was shattered and emotionally exhausted!?
    I decided to hang up my ferret harness but I felt a terrible loss and just moped around the house! Philip spoke to a (ferret) friend and she brought me two brothers who’d just been handed into Ferret Rescue 5 years ago, and this is where we are at now!
    I’m sorry to talk so much about myself but I thought it might help you to know all of us who love ferrets go through such pain when one of them leaves us and God, it really hurts us in our hearts!
    People cope in different ways. Some, like me when I was younger, cope by adding more ferrets; others just give up and don’t have ferrets in their lives because it’s too hard emotionally.
    If you find Bandit’s brother is not himself, it might be an idea for you to take him to a ferret rescue nearby and see if he bonds with another ferret there. If he does, you could bring them home and they will have each other to play with and sleep with!
    If Bandit’s brother isn’t mopey, then just try to play with him and show him that you love him a lot and that will make him happy!
    I would also suggest you get a flowering plant and have it in memory of Bandit. Every time the plant has flowers, you can think that it’s Bandit saying hello from the Bridge ?
    I hope what I’ve written does help you and also eases the pain somehow! Just don’t think you’re alone!
    Big hugs to Bandit’s brother from Misha’s brother down under ❤
    Warmest regards

  24. I’ve had ferrets before.. but I got one a year ago and no matter what I try I can’t get this ferret to go in the litter box.. she will move the box out the way and go or go right next to box.. the other one I have goes to box every time.. have any ideas?? Frustrated

  25. ???
    Dave – I am definitely not laughing at your predicament but had to laugh because that is exactly what my ferret does!!
    He too will go beside the puppy pad – hardly ever goes on it! However his brother (who died two weeks ago) always used the puppy pad, so I am as perplexed as to why he does it as you are frustrated!
    Sorry I don’t have any answers to share with you ?‍♀️
    Perhaps put some paper or a puppy pad next to the litter box?
    Hugs to your naughty girl from an equally naughty boy down under ❤

  26. Nona & Dave – I had a Marshall ferret (lost him in November, 2019) that would NEVER go in the litter box no matter how hard I tried to get him to go in it. He was deaf so it was hard for me to train him. Anyway, I gave up. When all of his cagemates passed on, I moved my two from a breeder in with him that he had always got along with. Within a week, he was going in the litter box because they always use a litter box. Two ferrets accomplished in a week what I couldn’t accomplish in four years!!!! LOL

  27. That is so true, Rachel! ??
    I used to have 6 ferets in my business and although there were a few accidents, most times they all used the puppy pads which I’d placed in various corners. I used to replace the colour of the ones who went to the Bridge so the newby learned from the oldies, however as I got more doddery in my old age so my husband suggested I shouldn’t add to my group and to consider just having 2, and I reluctantly agreed.
    I was left with Mojo, my albino girl, and Kimiko, my silvermitt. Mojo had liver cancer and my vet told me to take her home and make her comfortable as she thought Mojo would pass at the end of the week ? However I researched & gathered as many supplements I could to help her quality of life and the little minx stayed with us for another 18 months!
    Mojo and Kimiko were extremely close and when Kimiko realised Mojo wasn’t coming home from the vet, she decided she was going to join her! It was incredible – she refused to eat or drink, she’d clench her jaw when I tried to feed her and I couldn’t do anything to encourage her not to do that. It was just a week later when we had to take her to the vet for her final visit ?
    Kimiko’s behaviour totally exhausted me so I decided to hang up my harness but after a few weeks my husband got so fed up with my miserable face that he spoke to a good friend of ours (who’d been president of our ferret society for 20 years) and asked if there were two ferrets looking for a new home. Huzzah!! Two brothers had been handed into their rescue service that morning! ?
    So we got Misha and Grisha and they were both so different. Misha was my cuddle bunny while Grisha was the bitey one who’d poop and piddle wherever he was! No oldies to show him manners so there we are!
    I am so pleased to know that your two newbies managed to teach your deaf boy manners ?
    Big hugs to your terrific trio from their new buddy down under ❤
    PS – forgive me for being so long winded ?

  28. Hi! I am going about getting a ferret soon and am trying to find a vet near me. I saw you had a list of vets in Texas cities A-I, do you have a list for the other cities by any chance?

  29. Hello. We recently had to make the best decision for our Günter yesterday morning. He had a shunt, kidney disease, 1 testical which was removed and Superloin implant put in. ..he had stones at one point. He was only almost 4 but he gave so much in his time with us. He was my best friend. This period really sucks but I’m so appreciative to have found and read around this site. It was nice to see all the Obituaries with photos as well. I don’t feel so alone and that I am the other people here are so lucky and fortunate to have had these creatures in our lives.
    I am hoping his brother will be okay but will just have to be patient, loving and see. Thank you all so much for this site.

  30. Oh Julia, I am SO sorry to hear about Günter ? DIP little Günter and you’ll meet up when you get to the Rainbow Bridge ??? There’s another star shining in the sky tonight ?

    I am so glad to hear that this page gave you comfort and it’s always good (good is not the best word but I hope you know what I mean!) to find like-minded people talking about their pain when losing a much loved “friend”!

    I don’t think people who’ve never had a ferret will ever understand how special they are to us but the majority of us here absolutely understand how much pain was experienced when they left us for the Rainbow Bridge!

    Many hugs to a hurting soul from one whose soul has been hurting since 1994! ?

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