Info about the Ferret as a Pet

For someone who is thinking of getting a ferret as a pet, there are many things which need to be considered because although a ferret is a cute little animal, it can also give the new ferret owner a lot of headaches!

I’ve been besotted with ferrets since 1994 and think they are the most wonderful creatures on earth.

Surely in God’s animal kingdom they must be the court jesters.


Amusing, mischievous, intelligent, zany, challenging … but … they are also infuriating, worrying, destructive and, if they are “free range” around the house, not particularly house-trainable, IMHO!

We’ve been involved in all aspects of ferret ownership over the years, including breeding and rescue operations.

Our bank balance has dipped dramatically over the years, what with various ultrasounds and operations, and we have suffered the heartbreak of having all of our original babies crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Ferrets are enormously gregarious little animals. They need human contact on a regular basis, they thrive on attention and seem to blossom when their owner responds in kind.

However, if you are looking at this website because you want to know all about the ferret as a pet, you obviously aren’t familiar with them.

Why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable and get ready to learn some eye-opening things about ferrets.



Would I ever be without a ferret? No, never. But I want you to be fully aware of what the ferret as a pet is like – warts and all!


Trouble? Who me?


Forget the part about them being no trouble because they sleep a lot.

They can be a huge headache for the first-time ferret owner who has no idea what to expect.

You could compare them to wilful toddlers with no respect for their parents and they certainly don’t subscribe to the term “Order out of chaos”.

With ferrets, chaos is chaos, and the more chaos, the merrier! ?

Like with any pet, a ferret should be considered part of your family and with you for life. Naturally there are occasions when, due to transfers or unforeseeable problems, you have to relocate your ferret. But please don’t think about getting one unless you are prepared to do everything you need to ensure your ferret’s happy life.

God’s little comedians, yes, but also harbingers of major headaches too.

They can literally turn your hair grey overnight with their antics. Should the outcome turn out okay, that’s great – something to talk and laugh about in a day or two. However if something goes wrong, then you’ll have to reach for the tranquillizers!

Have you ever heard an old song sung by Bing Crosby called “Accentuate the Positive”?

I listened to it the other day and the lyrics of one verse jumped out and made me think, “Hey, he must be singing all about my ferrets!”

Listen to this ….

You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum

Bring gloom down to the minimum

Have faith or pandemonium

Liable to walk upon the scene

Yes they spread joy up to the maximum and bring gloom down to the minimum but I can tell you this all about ferrets – pandemonium doesn’t begin to describe the mess if your ferret decides to visit your bookcase to check it out.

ferret as a pet

Not tidy. No siree … not tidy at all!


A pet for Junior?

You might even be thinking about getting a ferret as a pet for your kid. You know what it’s like, Junior has been talking to a friend who might have one, or has seen one on the TV or even in a pet store, and he comes to you to ask if he can have one too.

ferret as a pet

I mean, it’s a small animal. It can be caged. Doesn’t take much space in the house. Junior promises to look after it and it’ll never bother you with its presence! “I promise, mommy, I really will look after the ferret!”

Yeah right!


Out of the mouths of babes …


ferret as a pet


I would say it’s not a good idea to get a ferret as a pet if you have very young children, especially babies.

Ferrets tend to react to loud noises (like a squeaky toy) and if your baby were to cry loud and long, it might just get the ferret worked up and they could climb into the cot and nip your child.

I’d suggest that you don’t think about getting a ferret until your kids are around 8-9 years old and are ready to be responsible.

However, if you already have a ferret as a pet and are expecting a baby then don’t think you have to give the ferret away.

Make sure that you don’t leave your ferret alone with your baby and if you have to keep it caged up more than usual, make sure that when you do let it out for its daily romp, you give it all your attention so that it doesn’t feel neglected or ignored.

Use your common sense and you’ll surely find a good balance in your household where your ferret still feels loved and appreciated, and your baby grows up with a special pet!


Older kids


ferret as a pet

And if you do get a ferret as a pet for your kid, will they be alert enough to ensure the ferret doesn’t slip out the door when they’re going in and out with their friends?

Our kids have now moved out from home and they told me they still jump a mile if they happen to stand on something like a pair of socks on the floor, thinking they squashed a ferret. All three have accused me of scarring them psychologically for life!

Hah hah – payback for all the pain they gave me during their teenage years ?


Closed doors are usually a no-no!


ferret as a pet

A door which has always been shut doesn’t seem to cause any interest but if a ferret knows that a door, say to someone’s bedroom, is opened during the day and then closed at night … disaster!

albino ferret

“Let me in! Let me in! How DARE you shut this door!!”

Scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch


That ferret will want to go through the closed door and will happily dig up the carpet down to the concrete in their single-minded attempt to get to the other side!

If you you’re in the habit of closing certain doors in your house, the way to save your carpet is to put down plastic sheeting either side of the door so the ferret can’t dig, and tape it down with strong duct tape. Can you live with that? And even that won’t be foolproof!

Our Snoopy regularly picked at the duct tape and wriggled under the plastic by the door and guess what, she dug at the carpet from her spot under the plastic! Oh joy, oh rapture!

We solved that by pulling up the carpets and putting down wooden flooring, but what if you’re renting?

snoopy ferret

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of destruction as a ferret is frenetically scratching to get under the door! ?



TIP: Bill from Texas wrote and said he had a similarly hard-headed ferret who’d try to get under doors and what he did was sprinkle black pepper along the door line. He reckons it works like a treat.

I’ve tried white pepper in the past and all I got was a very sneezy ferret scratching at the door! It was also suggested that eucalyptus oil might keep ferrets away from a certain area – I tried that but, again, to no avail.

I reckon Aussie ferrets are way more stubborn and pig-headed than American ones!!

Having said all that .. are you, the new ferret owner, going to like having to sprinkle herbs and spices around your house to deter a determined ferret? 



Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?


ferret as a pet

You certainly won’t be able to stick your head out of the windows to look for Romeo, as they can’t be left opened if you have a ferret roaming around the house.

Even if you have flywire, they can dig a hole which would be big enough for them to squeeze through in no time.

We make sure our ferrets can’t get onto the window sill but if there’s a chance they can, I put a board in the window to make sure they can’t get out. Even that doesn’t work all the time.

What about your curtains … could your ferret climb up them and get out that way?

And that brings me to ferret proofing … you will DEFINITELY need to ferret proof your house to make it safe for your ferret.

To find out what you need to do, check out the section on Ferret Proofing.

Having read that, are you prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure your ferret can’t get into trouble in your house?


Flowers? Forget it!


(Hysterical laughter from ferret owners heard in the distance!)


ferret as a pet

If you have a ferret as a pet, are you prepared to put all your house plants outside and to forego having flowers in the house? Ferrets and house plants/flowers equal big mess in the house!

Oh, and I’ve seen Snoopy make a concerted effort to climb onto my camphorwood chest and pull flowers out of a vase I had sitting there.

Fortunately I was around so could rescue the vase before it tipped over. Imagine the mess otherwise … oy!


The demise of your furniture!


ferret as a pet

Are you happy about throwing out your La-Z-Boy recliner? If you have a ferret as a pet, you simply cannot have a recliner chair in the house. It would be too easy for the ferret to get amongst the levers and when you push the chair back, you could kill your pet in an instant.

And whilst on the subject of furniture, are you prepared for your ferret to dig a hole in the bottom of your chair … or sofa … or bed, then climb in and sleep inside, or use the area as a place to stash away their goodies?

You might even have a ferret like our Chucky, who loved stealing potatoes from the pantry and stashing them inside the hole in the sofa.

We never knew the rotten, sweaty potatoes were there until it got to the stage where they smelt like fish. Truly embarrassing when visitors popped around and we were in the sitting room, making polite conversation, while nostrils were twitching at the smell wafting around the sofa!


Those Super Poopers!


ferret as a pet

How about it if your ferret gets under a narrow space, like between a bookcase and the floor, and decides it’s a good place to poop?

If you have your ferrets roaming around the house at all times, are you prepared to pick up ferret poop? Usually ferrets are pretty good about backing into corners to relieve themselves, but as they get older they poop and piddle in the middle of the room.

Would you be prepared to walk through your house like you’re walking through a mine field? Eyes down, and ever alert in case you tread on a little present?

And whilst on the subject of poop, think about loo paper. Ferrets love to dig at the rolls so are you prepared to see shredded loo paper on your dispenser? You could tell your friends it’s the latest in designer fashion, I suppose.

Actually, as a friend said to me after using our bathroom, “You can always tell you’re in a ferret owner’s bathroom because everything is put up out of the way!”

Yes, we’ve got a spindle sort of thing with loo rolls stacked on it, and that’s balanced off the ground on the cistern tap. The loo brush is way up high on the window sill, as is the rubbish bin!


What’s new, pussycat .. or pooch dawg!


ferret as a pet

Do you have other animals?

You might want to reconsider getting a ferret as a pet if you already have a bird, or rodent, or reptile in the house.

Our cats were quite okay with the ferrets – they just jumped up out of the way if they didn’t want to be bothered.

Dogs? Just be very careful how you introduce your new ferret to your old dog, or vice versa.

All dogs are individuals, just like all ferrets (or cats or any other animals for that matter) are.

Some dogs just might not get on with your ferret. Others will love your ferret to pieces, even if it’s a terrier or another breed that has a reputation of not mixing with ferrets.

I have heard of greyhounds, malamutes and certain terrier breeds killing ferrets. But I often wonder if it was because of human stupidity rather than the dog’s fault.

Until you are absolutely certain that your dog and ferret are getting on, please always supervise their time together and make sure neither one nor the other is getting picked on unfairly by the other one.

When we got Mash, she made herself at home almost immediately. We had a 70kg Rottweiler called Boris, plus 4 cats. No one felt their place was usurped by this 600g pile of fluff.

However when we got Fidget the whole ball game changed. Fidget was 3 months old and trouble with a capital “T”.

Of course she was just our second ferret and we were pretty much out of our depth knowing how to handle a kit.

Fidget’s favourite pastime was nipping Boris’ fetlocks or paws, and then she would dance away like Muhammed Ali, grinning at her audacity.

One day Boris decided he’d had enough of her cheek. I don’t know what she did to him but I heard him bark – just once – and as he sounded pretty annoyed, I went to investigate.

I found Fidget rigid, lying on the floor. Talk about heart attack .. for ME!

She recovered within the hour – I took her to the vet and he said she was fine, just had a bad shock. I don’t know whose shock was greater, hers or mine!

The moral of the story – take care with your introductions, and don’t assume, like I did, that because one ferret settled into the household without a hitch, the second one would too!

By the way, Fidget never bothered Boris again after that little episode.

ferret as a pet

But be assured that you can have a houseful of animals all living in domestic bliss.

Check out this page if you’d like to see all our animals bonding ?


“Hi Mr Bank Manager, yes it’s me again!”


ferret as a pet

If you have a ferret as a pet, not only should you have a very friendly relationship with your Bank Manager, but you also should have a very understanding vet! ?

A ferret is a very stoic animal but boy, when he gets sick, he’ll go downhill FAST! Find out where the ferret knowledgeable vet is in your area and be prepared to take your ferret there immediately when you notice he’s not himself.

Ferrets seem to be prone to certain cancers like Adrenal Gland Disease, Insulinoma, Lymphosarcoma.

They can suffer from Cardiomyopathy. They can get Heartworm.

They can get Canine Distemper if they’re not inoculated against it.

We don’t have a Rabies problem here in Australia, but ferrets in other countries need yearly Rabies injections.

As ferrets are such curious creatures, blockages can be a big issue.

If you have an unsterilized female there’s a danger of aplastic anemia if she stays in heat.

If you get an unsterilized male, be aware that he’ll start smelling “like a polecat” once he’s around 6 months old. His fur will feel greasy and he’ll get pretty aggressive towards other males, as well as dragging females around.

So you’d also have to factor in the cost of sterilization, unless you’re from the States where they sterilize the kits at a very early age.


For those of you who want to have some idea of how empty your pockets could be with a ‘fesnyng’ of ferrets, see my page on our sick ferrets.


Another thing I would like to point out is that losing a ferret is a very painful thing to experience.

They somehow really get all tangled up with your heart strings and when they die, it hurts a great deal.

This quote just about says it all … “Pets are like vacations – they cost at least twice as much as you think they will.”

There is a fabulous poster produced by Ferrets Dook, starring her gorgeous ferret Peanut, which I saw on her Facebook page. She kindly let me use it here and I think that it should be read and absorbed by anyone who’s wondering if they should get a ferret! ?


© Ferrets Dook
© Ferrets Dook

If I haven’t completely put you off about getting a ferret, why don’t you grab a pencil and see how many boxes you are willing to tick in the following checklist.

Are you prepared to …

Ensure your house is ferret-proofed properly?
See some damage occurring around your house?
Have your ferret sterilized?
Take your ferret to the vet the minute it seems ill?
Give them all their required yearly vaccinations?
Feed your ferret the very best food available?
Spend the money for all those vet visits, plus operations if required?
Commit to interacting with your ferret for several hours when it’s awake and ready to rock ‘n roll? You must NOT just leave it in the cage and forget about it!

If you’ve ticked all the boxes, then you have to start thinking what kind of ferret is best for you!

HOWEVER … sorry to pour cold water on your enthusiasm at this point … if you decide a ferret is the pet for you, please make sure you’re allowed to have them as pets in your particular neck of the woods.

For instance, if you’re in Australia, be aware that ferrets are banned in Queensland and the Northern Territory. It’s okay for crocs and cane toads to inhabit those states but not ferrets. Go figure! If you’re living in the ACT, you’ll need a permit to own one.

If you’re in the States, ferrets are illegal in California, Hawaii and New York City, as well as other places.

New Zealand has banned people from owning ferrets because of the problems stoats and weasels – which were brought there by the government – have caused to the kiwi.  Then ferrets which were used for fitch farming were let loose by irresponsible owners when the market tanked;  also ferrets were let loose by irresponsible owners who decided they weren’t fun any more, etc ?

You’ll be able to see which states aren’t ferret friendly from this list!

And if you’re scooting around Europe with your ferret, you’ll get a lot of information about where your ferret can go within the EU here, while this site gives you all the information you need about going to non-EU countries with your pet.

This is a great article for those of you who are thinking about getting a ferret, so please take the time to read it 🙂

The Ups And Downs Of Life With Your First Ferret by Kara Schafer



Buzzfeed has assembled a lovely list called 19 Reasons Ferrets Make The Most Adorable Pets and I must say that I agree with all the points 😀

And having found this adorable YouTube video, I had to share it as it’s wonderful to see how much the owners love their furbabies 😀 You don’t often see a ferret wagging its tail so it was lovely to see it here. That ferret was obviously having the time of its life playing with his buddy!

Why Pet Ferrets Are Worth All of the Trouble by renaissanceferret

I’d love to hear all the stories and see the pictures from first time ferret owners, and to know if you’re really happy with your choice of pet or if you think you made a huge mistake by getting a ferret.

There is so much that you – the first time ferret owner – can tell someone who is thinking about getting a ferret, so I would really love it if you would tell me your experiences and share the photos you’ve taken of your beautiful little friends ?

This is a very cute little video created by Sazus Fellnasen for her Facebook page and I’m sure people who are thinking of getting a ferret as a pet will find it very interesting ?


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I just wanted to say I read the sick ferret page, and it almost made me cry. I want to get a ferret, but I have so many questions and I don’t want to get …

Hi, I really want a pet ferret
I have looked at getting so many pets in the past: Axolotl Tortoise Blue tongued skink Dog Dragon(five yrs old) And I have finally decided I want …

ferrets are fun and funny
I just got two ferrets just a few weeks ago. They are so funny and into everything. I was eating a bowl of cocoa puffs and they decided they wanted some …

Loving my ferret!!
I’m fourteen and I got my ferret about 8 months ago, and my obsessive research was very similar to the other girls my age back there. My mom didn’t agree …

Please help…
Hi – my name’s Lara. I am 13 and I want a pet ferret but my parents won’t let me have one. I have wanted one since I was 11 years old but they keep telling …

george and mildred
Once upon a time we were ferret free until george and mildred moved in!!! From the onset we knew we were going to be grandparents and sure as eggs were …

How many times a day should you feed a Ferret?
Hi im Erin and im 8 my mum told me I could get a ferret when I’m about 10. I have 1 question… How many times a day should you feed a ferret??? …

all about my history as a pet of ferrets 🙂
When I was 14 years old I saw ferrets for the first time and I knew I wanted a ferret as a pet. Long ago I had a five ferrets, and babysitting too …

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I Think So.
I’m an adult and I don’t have any indoor pets now that my beloved Erin (a small terrier mix) passed away a few months ago. I have depression and would …

Hi I’m 12 and I am a girl. I already own a ferret and I luv him so much. Inamed him Ricky, he’s about 7-8 months old. I already had a ferret about …

Hi, I am 13 and I want a ferret. I have done a lot of research on them and I think they are the animal for me. I have read everything in this site over …

What to do…..
My name is Kailey and I am 13. I have been thinking about talking to my parents to see if I could maybe get a ferret. I have done alot of research …

Hey I’m a huge ferret lover and have been pushing at my parents to let me get one for months, almost a year! No matter what concerns they have I always …

I may be getting a ferret soon. I took the ticking box test above and ticked them all but the main thing I’m worried about is if I don’t ferret proof one …

Parents still won’t let me get a ferret 🙁
Hi my name is Claire. I have already posted a comment on how my parents won’t let me have a ferret (btw, thanks for the info that the person that commented …

ferret hunt!
I was over at my aunt’s house and I brought my ferret on the road trip. We got to my aunt’s house, I opened the cage door and he darted out of the cage …

Parents won’t let me get a ferret!
My name is Claire. I am nearly 13 and really really really want a ferret, but my parents won’t let me have one! I’ve already got a dog and two gerbils …

Ken & Donna & The Animal of the House, Skittles
This is our ferret, Skittles.

Hi – I am about to buy a ferret. This is a good web site it has told me what I am in for. Can you give me some more tips for when I buy my ferret and …

Little (Peek-A-)Boo!
My uncle had a ferret he used for rabbit hunting when I was a child, and I remember being fascinated by it. I’d watch it run around the cage with its …

sammie’s new mom
Hey I’m 20 and I’m a first time ferret owner! I just got Sammie about 4 days ago! He is a year and a half and I got him from people who could no longer …

Helloo I have 3 ferrets now 😀 WOOP

Chloe Cochrane
Hello. I’m about to get a ferret for the first time. I go to a boarding school in Maine, but I live at home. I’m afraid of a few things about my future …

I got my first ferret about 10 months ago. He was about 3 months old and all the other ferrets were biting him and playing quite rough. I really wanted …

My mom won’t let me get a ferret.
Hi, I am 14 and have always wanted a ferret, but my parents won’t let me get one. I told them that I would buy everything for it and take good care …

I am a first time ferret owner and have wanted one for a number of years. My 19 year old son got one from a local pet shop and phoned me to tell me …

My 3 boys
I’m 16 and had own two perfect ferrets who sadly passed 2 years ago. I went to a local ferret rescuer and got 3 boys. Billy, Bobby, and Benny. And …

Should I get a ferret? (or two)
I’ve always wanted a ferret but a few years ago my mom told me that the chances of me getting one were very slim. I got a ball python instead. I also …

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My name is Sarah, i am 16 year old.Ttwo weeks ago my parents aloud me to get a ferret, I named her Hannah. I love her to death and would not give her …

jingle bells 🙂
Well I just got my little fuzzies and they’re SO cute!!!! The owner couldn’t keep them, but she gave them to me! Anyway their names were (and still …

Really need some help
Okay, i’ve wanted a ferret for like a year now. I’m 14 and my parents are thinking about it, but they are really concerned about my other pets. Here’s …

Not a Ferret owner…yet
I am totally in love with the idea of getting a ferret. I’m the kind of person who loves all animals and adores even the ugliest side of them. When …

Ferrets Forever!
Just when you thought that you’d never find a pet you could truly be constantly entertained by……. along comes someone like Rufus. He’s a thief …

Ferret Fun
Had our ferrets just over a week now and loving every minute. They are 9 week old hobs and they are the most playful little guys. We have a 11 month …

new ferret
i just got a 6 month old female ferret from Petco. I bought her a huge multi level cage with a ladder, a tube thing for her to go up and it even has …

I’m in the midwest in the States… I just bought my first ferret! His name is Little Bear! When my parents were in college they had ferrets and my …

Feeding problem
I recently got a 3yr. old ferret, named Fergie, who was poorly cared for. He was kept in a small rabbit hutch and fed a mix of cat and dog food. Unfortunately, …

Addison “Sweetie” May
I got a six month old ferret that I called Addy (or Sweetie depending on the day) and she adjusted okay. She would bite or nip at our fingers in the beginning …

can’t get one but really want a ferret
My parents won’t let me get a ferret but I want one. I did a ton of research but no! I said I’ll pay for it and still no! I’m not the thinnest person in …

Rupert the ferret!
Well I’m 15 and for the 15th birthday I figured I wanted a ferret, Don’t get me wrong I love the little guy to death, but… He is a pain in my rear, nonetheless …

When I was twelve, my mother and stepfather bought an albino ferret who was still very young (I don’t remember how old, but if I cupped both hands together …

Pantaleimon, my new adult furry thing
Hi there! I am a first year student in Veterinary Medicine. We have 3 Refuges at school, one for cats, one for dogs and one for small mammals. I …

My first little ferret
I grew up mainly having “weird” pets such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils and even tarantulas. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about her …

Can you control the smell
Everyone keeps telling me that getting a ferret is a terrible idea, because they will make your house smell bad. I’ve done a lot of research and feel …

first time ferret owner
I have been a ferret owner for a total of 2 days now and before I got her, I hadn’t even seen one before. Its such a surreal creature and thanks to …

Help !! why does our ferret cry ?
First , I would like to say what a great site !! My daughter Emily(12) just got her first ferret, Lucy – we have done a lot of research before …

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I have a Maximus problem!
Hi — I have a Ferret named Maximus, Max for short. He is my first Ferret and I got him at 15 months (just got him too). Daddy got Max for me cause …

First Time Ferret Owner
My husband and I recently went into a pet store just to look at fish but….I saw three little weasel-like creatures – one was sleeping inside its hammock …

3 strikes and you’re…….getting a bigger cage lol
My husband and I had owned 6 ferrets years ago, and, due to unforseen family issues, had to give them up. Well my husband surprised me with a one year …

Two pains in the neck are better than one.
When we got our ferret, Obby, I had read pretty much everything about ferrets. I actively sought out the worst ferret stories hoping to find to prepare …

Crazy little furballs…..
One of my friends had two ferrets that I got to meet, and I loved them from the start. I tried and tried to convince my parents, and eventually they said …

I Wish I had a Ferret!!!!!!!!
I’m 13 and I want a ferret soooooo bad! My mom is kinda squemish and we have a parakeet, 2 cats, a dog, and 6 chickens. She thinks that she is the …

I want a ferret
I want a ferret! I am responsible for my cat and dog and think having a ferret would be amazing. My dog makes huge messes with every toy he gets and …

My little terror
I have a one year old ferret named Boodie (also called Dookie at times). I can’t believe how much fun it is having a ferret as a pet – a lot of people …

Alexandra, the owner of Max
My ferret’s name is Max and he is the cutest and the most annoying thing ever! But I love him so much there is no way I could hurt him and if I did (accidentaly), …

Anyone help?
I have had my little terror for about, hmmm, 3 months now and even with all the missing things and messes around my room, I would never give her up or …

My very first ferret
I’ve had Satay for just over a week now. I picked her up when she was 4 days shy of 8 weeks old and have experienced the pain of teething first hand (I

I want one so bad!!
I ask my parents for one but they said no! I even gave a 19 slide powerpoint presentation but they still wont budge!! Help me please!

My three children
As I speak they are causing all kinds of havoc in my house. We just got a new desk which means a new box to play with of course. They are definitely …

Second time owner
I got my first ferret in 1984 and he died in 1999. Yes I know ferrets are suppose to live 7-10 years but Ichabod lived till he was a tired 15 year old …

Got a few questions…
I’m 16 and I live with my parents and my twin sis. The two of us live in the basement w/ a jack and jill bath/bedroom set up and a large rec room. I am …

Never would of expected that???
I’m only 12 years old, but I have a ferret – his name is Rufus! He is the sweetest but most dsstructive ferret! I can’t have anything on the floor …

Mr Jessi Eltringham
Hi there, after reading your story I felt I had to share with you the ups and downs of my 1s month of ferret (well, polecat actually) ownership! We’ve …

Ferret Lover…xxx
Hi, my name is Rachael and I live in the UK, and I am desperate for a ferret! I love them to bits and reading about them has made me want one even more. …

fenelope my ferret
My pet is wonderful although she is a huge terror and gives me heart attacks every day! I love her – she is a real pooper but it’s ok. I live alone …

Triple Trouble
In January I decided that I wanted a ferret, my husband suggested that we get two so they do not get lonely while we are at work. We ended up bringing …

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I am a new ferret owner and so far i love my ferret. She’s only a few months old and her name is Coon. She nibbles a little if u reach in her cage but …

Missing all the fun
My name is Beth. I used to be a ferret owner and do foster care and ferret rescue in Minnesota, where i would socialize and retrain ferrets for new homes. …

ferret lover
I live in the UK. I’m nearly 15 and ever since I saw the film “Along Came Polly” (you should watch it!!), I have always loved ferrets but now I have 2 …

Wanting to get one
I’m 12 and i really want a ferret. Trouble is we have 4 chickens 1 chick and 4 baby ducks. Would it be a good idea to get one? if it got out it would be …

Our Ferret , princess
My family and I just adopted a Ferret from the Animal shelter. She was going to be killed, so my family jumped in and saved her. Princess, is a very …

Evil ferret … nice ferret
Well my ferret nibbler man, Tsukasa, is very weird. When he’s around 2 or 3 people he is nice but when he is around 1 person, he starts nipping and …

i have a ferret – his name is Rocko and he goes in bags and steals money! He’s 2 years old. I had him for a long time and he likes cats 🙂

Hi! I am the proud owner of the ferret that you see above what you are reading. He is very sweet and actually a bit calm. I LOVE having a ferret. …

Crazy Ferret
Well, I got a ferret and he was everything I expected. One little downfall though – he was kind of a maniac! He picked on the cat, the dog, and my …

REAllY bAd
I want a ferret really bad but my parents don’t want to adopt and say they’re too expensive. I’m even thinking of using my savings account money for it. …

Hoping for a ferret
I am an eleven year old girl who loves animals. I am close friends with a vet who has a parrot, cockatiel, FERRET, chihuahua, and a beagle. They are …

Omie the ferret…
Hi – my name is Kate and I got my first ferret a couple of months ago and I had no idea what I was in for. When i got my little girl she was already …

I’m Brianna
I’m 11, I’m trying to convince my parents to let me get a ferret, I said I’d do everything. Write to me here or on my website I own.It’s at …

We own a female ferret. Her name is Tinkerbell. She is an exciting & friendly pet, one of the friendliest pets we own…She is so lovable… Tinkerbell

Hello My name is Michael and i am 14 almost 15, and am looking into buying a baby ferret. I have read through ALL of your website, which has been fantastic …

Found my guy on Craig’s List
For a rehoming fee of $50 (which included the cage, a litter pan, water bottle, quick & clean instant shampoo and some stink-b-gone stuff for the water), …


Rikki came to us at the age of 2 months old. She was not properly fed, socialized nor allowed freedom to play and do as she wished, which we all know that …

Oh potty training
We have two males, Gizmo and Gremlin. No matter what method I have tried, they just don’t want to go in their littler box. They do it in their cage, …

Lovable Little Devils
I’m currently in college and my roommate and I decided that we wanted a ferret(or two) even though it’s against the rules in our dorm. But we’ve been successful …

proud owner
I am the owner of two female ferrets or rather they own me. Ferrets are A LOT of work, people, but they are worth it if you can play along. They find …

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Would it be a good idea for me to get a ferret?
I’m 12 years old and live in USA. I have 5 siblings. My little brothers make a whole lot of noise! Would a ferret bite them because they make so much …

2 jills or 2 hobs??
I’m wanting to get 2 ferrets but not sure which to have. I’ll have them both neutered but want to know which would get along together.

I am DESPERATE for 1!!!!!
Hi I’m Lottie. I am 13 and I live in England. I really want a ferret and have tried everything. I have … Done a powerpoint Made a film Contacted …

Frankie the Ferret
Okay. About 4 months ago I got my ferret Frankie. I had always wanted a ferret, and my parents have had them before which made it easier for me to get …

First Ferrets
I got my two ferrets a little over a year ago, now, and it was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. I found a male (Aiden) and a female (Celeste) …

I want one
I am obsessed with them — I love them & eat sleep and breathe them!

Our first ferret: Duchess Nilla Hudson
My fiance Anthony and I just got our very first ferret. We named her Duchess Nilla because she seem’s to think that she is the ruler ofthe entire house. …

Molly the ferret has been rescued! While she has been fed and housed properly, she had been alone and not let out of her cage for two years!! …

Ferret Math is Awesome
We started with 2 that were given to us by a couple that were moving and could not have them any more. A few months later our friend gave us one that …

My Ferret George
I first got George in January 2009 and he is a joy. I’ve taken so many pictures of him because he is always doing something silly. He loves to play …

I had a ferret called Crisco who was so perfect he would scramble around on my neck and shoulders but was careful not to hurt me. He was lovely.

my ferret and cats
One day our neighbor was out for a walk and came a cross a ferret walking across the road. He pick it up and took it home. We adopted her and a wonderful …

New ferret mommy!
So about a month ago I made the decision to add a fuzzy to my rather boring life. Since that ownership has taken place my life has been anything BUT BORING!!! …

She is the silliest thing ever, well, when she’s not digging in the plant pot. We got her a tent and it came with a sleeping bag and hat. She sleeps …

well I bought a male ferret(hob)and I had him for two months on his own and he is now about 6 months old and I just bought a female ferret (jill)she is …

this will be hard
I have just read all your information because I am seriously thinking about getting ferret and I really do think that this will be quite an adventure…a …

Flip’s Sip
One day my ferret, Flip, drank out of my coke! He has a long tongue, so that explains it all. I was watching T.V. and I looked over to see what Flip …

you getting or do you own a ferret?
i had a ferret, her name was Minnie – she was my 7th birthday presesnt. She died two years ago at the age of 5. Needless to say I was distraught. She …

i want one soo bad!
Hi I’m 10 and from Canada and I really want a ferret. My dad said maybe for my birthday (which is in August) and I’m already gathering info about them. …

Little Gizmo
I got Gizmo when I was 20. He’s going on 6 years old now and still he acts like he’s a two year old, into everything, tipping everything over and destroying …

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I want 1, I need 1, I love them!
I’m nearly 13 and I really want a ferret but my dad says that I need to earn some money so I’ve started dog walking. My mum already has 2 Degus — …

Cage queries
I am 12 and I was wondering if I could use my old summer house into a ferret cage. It’s got an easy ladder I could make a ramp 🙂 and just put a avary …

almost there………..
Well, my brother and I are saving up for a ferret (or two) so I’m stockin up on info. By far, this is the best. I know it’s not much, but this is it. …

Need Help!
I need help, how do I convince my parents for a ferret?

Ferret palosa
I got home from school today and my mother told me and my brother that she had a surprise for us so we ran upstairs to see 2 lovely ferrets. I had to learn …

Ferret cage
I need help, What cage should i get my ferret? I don’t have my ferret yet but I am having trouble choosing one. I’m not sure which cage to get my …

Don’t have one – really want one
If I had a ferret I would name it Chelsey and take care of it.

Want a Ferret really really bad!!!
I walked into Petco and saw the ferret but I wasn’t really into them at the time because I wanted a snake or scorpion but then a woman came holding one …

I’m not allowed to have a ferret!! 🙁
OK, so, I am 12 years old and will be 13 this year in November and I’ve wanted a ferret for 3 months now. And I’ve only asked 3 times.. So, I know I’m …

i have 4 ferrets
my sister saw one, we got 1 for sis then came mine, then my other sis, then my older sis got 1 more

Not yet but need help
I have really wanted a ferret ever since I took care of one for a friend this summer. I have wanted one so bad but I had to wait to ask till we move. …

Me And My 19 Year Old Brother Have Been Constantly Asking And Asking My Parents For A Ferret But It’s Not Working. Even If I Put All My Hard Work Into …

I’m getting 2 more
I already have a female and this Saturday I’m getting 2 more ferrets. They are brother and sister. My aunt’s giving me them with their cage and stuff. …

well I’m positive I’m getting one but I have other animals too – one playful pup. I’m not so worried about him – he’ll be more scared of it than it of …

My Search For A Ferret
I want a ferret really really bad. Two of my friends had ferrets; they’re lovely and beautiful. My friend now, has two beautiful females. They love to …

ferret oh ferret oh how i want thee
I just love them… I need one!

29 thoughts on “Info about the Ferret as a Pet”

  1. Ive wanted a ferret since my parents wanted to get a responsibility pet , I really want to get one still but we already have a lot of animals and they say that we don’t have the money. I am saving up for something and I want a ferret to be it. (age 13) do u think I should still save up for one?

  2. Jacelynn – is there a ferret shelter nearby where you could go to speak to the people about what you should do?

    It’d be good for you to handle a ferret and get to know them as much as possible — they’re not pets for everyone so it’d be tragic if you saved up and got one, then found out your ferret is too much of a handful so you give it to a shelter 🙁

    The actual cost of keeping a ferret isn’t huge but they do need GOOD quality dry food and the problem is if they develop one of the many cancers which they’re prone to. That does mean high vet bills, which could be hard for you and/or your parents.

    Plus if you have just one, you do need to play and interact with it. They sleep a lot but if you ignore your ferret because of school work or social evenings in the future, that ferret will get depressed.

  3. Mom will not agree to a ferret? My birthday is coming up and I asked for a ferret from my dad, he said yes then I asked my mom and she said no. Is there a way I can convince my mom?

  4. Hi Elliott – do you know why your mother doesn’t want you to have a ferret? Is it because she thinks they smell? Or she’s worried that they might bite?

    Whatever you do, please don’t nag her. As a mother, I used to get pretty irritated with our kids when they wanted something and wouldn’t stop asking for it 😉 You don’t want to irritate your mother so find out why she doesn’t want you to have a ferret and then try to counter her objections with facts. You can read some of the comments above, which were written by new ferret owners, and perhaps print out the ones which say how surprised they were when they found ferrets made such great pets. Is there a shelter near to where you live? Maybe you could go and speak to the shelter owner to get a hands-on approach and take your mom with you, if she’ll go. Don’t forget some people just don’t like ferrets – my sister finds their slinky bodies creepy while I find them funny. Different strokes for different folks 😀

    Good luck!

  5. Hello! Im a new owner of a gorgeous 2 month old girl named Sally.
    I ended up wandering into my petstore and for some reason I couldnt leave without her. I left one ferret richer a bank far pooror but i have no regrets.
    I do wonder about what i should line the bottom of her cage with? At first i thought woodchips because that’s what they you in store but then i read that it can cause respiratory problems so i immediately changed it to towels and old tshirts..
    Also iv been feeding her Marshalls Ferret food. I dont know if ethier of these is adequate or right?
    I admit i should have researshed into this before hand but it was a spur of the moment thing!
    I just want her to be as healthy and happy as she can be!
    She has already brought so much love and laughter into our lives i wonder why it took me this long to get her!
    Thank you

  6. Oh I am so happy to hear about your new addition, Laura 🙂
    They really are such funny little things, aren’t they?
    Just be careful with towels because if Sally’s nails get a bit long, she could snag it on the towel so it’s best to keep to T-shirts or material like that.
    Being down under, we don’t get Marshalls Ferret Food but this site is good for comparing which brands are the best …

    Try to steer away from brands that have a lot of carbohydrates as there’s a suspicion that they could contribute to a ferret developing insulinoma 🙁
    So glad Sally’s already enchanted you – if you’d like to talk more about her or just chat to other like-minded ferret owners, please join us on the forum!
    Big hugs to Sally from her pals down under 🙂

  7. We are gettin her soon just looked at her today her name is goin to be pheobe any advise for me shes goin to be my first ferret??

  8. Hi Katie & Kat
    I moved your comment from the main page to this one and hadn’t got around to replying! Sorry 🙂
    Now, I’m not sure what advice you want me to give you but will just list the most important points ….

    * FERRET PROOFING your room/house – VERY important to make sure Phoebe can’t get out of the area you let her run around in!
    * HER CAGE – please make sure it’s not a tiny one. She needs a hammock, litter tray, food and water bowls, and she needs room to move when in there.
    * TOYS – please make sure you don’t give her any toys which are made of SOFT rubber as if she chews that, she’ll get a blockage and that could mean a very expensive vet bill 🙁
    * FOOD – do not give her cheap supermarket cat food. She’ll need good quality either ferret or cat (dry) food. Here’s a link to a good site with comparisons for you. The best food is high in protein and low in fiber …

    * DO NOT FEED YOUR FERRET VEGGIES OR FRUIT – your ferret is NOT a rodent. You can OCCASIONALLY give it a TEENSY piece of – say – seedless watermelon or something else it might love, but that’s a once-in-a-blue-moon treat. They used to think that raisins were good to give ferrets and then found out it caused insulinoma 🙁
    * DO NOT GIVE YOUR FERRET MILK – they are lactose intolerant and it’ll give Phoebe diarrhea 🙁 If you want to give Phoebe a smoothie, make sure it’s NO LACTOSE milk.
    * VACCINATIONS – you need to make sure that Phoebe has her rabies and canine distemper vaccinations and keep them up-to-date.
    * FIND A FERRET VET NEAR YOU – not all vets know how to treat a ferret so make sure you find a good ferret vet you can take her to.

    Those are the important points I can think of ATM. Please just read through my site and if you have any other questions, I hope you’ll email me or put up a comment here.
    I’m always very happy to help ferret lovers in any way I can but I do sometimes take time to respond.
    I hope you’ll give Phoebe a big kiss when she arrives and tell her she has lots of new buddies down under 😉

  9. my mom will not let me get a ferret because she just does not like them!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. she has know other reason!!! she thought they smelled and all of the other junk they come up with AND I HAD AN ANSER TO ALL OF THEM!!! still no NO NO NO and NO.both of my parent even my brother and sister!!!! can’t believe that they all don’t like ferrets!!! it seems in impossible!! and they hate it when I beg so I can’t beg. please please help!!!!!!!! it seems i have lost all hope.]:

  10. Sam, you’re absolutely correct, ferrets really are awesome 😀
    I love them to pieces – some can be so annoying while others only want to curl up on your lap and cuddle.
    They’re all so different but despite some of them being naughty, I’ve found the pros totally outweigh the cons re ferret ownership! Unfortunately not everyone agrees and if people don’t research what it’s like to have a ferret, then they could get quite shocked if they get a naughty one and I think that’s why so many end up in shelters :'(

  11. I have a ferrit she will be almost 12months old im wondering why she is so close to me every where i walk she follows also she has been doing alot of licking on the hands and arms and she wants to be picked up all the time if you ignore her she will get the shits and goes to bed

  12. Kathy, you’re so lucky to have such a sociable little girl! She sounds an absolute sweetheart 😀
    She obviously loves your company and wants all your attention!
    I wish my girls were like that! LOL!

  13. i have a pet ferret, her name is Baby girl, but me and my mom call her Baby or BeBe. we had another ferret named Dax,but he passed away, we think baby is kind of lonely but she is friends with my two dogs and 2 cats, but one of my cats wants to eat her which is not good :I (i have 2 dogs, one ferret, and 3 cats) 🙂 And is there a thing on this website saying what there diet and lifestye is?????

  14. Hi Jovia
    I am so sorry to hear that Dax passed away but it’s lovely that you have your Baby girl!! Isn’t it funny how so many of us give our ferrets other names rather than the one we picked to call them! I think they’re such cuties and so sweet that we have to give them what I call “baby” names 😀 My silvermitt’s name is Kimiko and I often call her saying “Kimi Bimi Kimiko”! LOL! 😛
    It’s a shame that your cat isn’t keen to be friends with Baby but if your other animals are happy to mix with her, then that’s good! I do think that it’s better to have 2 ferrets, rather than just one, but – of course – it all depends on your finances, etc. I would never say that people SHOULD have 2 ferrets if they can’t afford vet bills, etc.
    I wrote about what ferrets eat on this page …

    but I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by their lifestyle :/ I do have a page about our ferrets with our dogs and cats, if you think that might be of interest to you …

    Please give Baby a big hug from her new friends in Australia 😀

  15. I am getting ferrets – but I have to fix my shed up. I can only get them if I put them in the shed and I feel really bad on them, not allowed them to live in the house as they smell, however I am allowed to have them in my room every now and again. With England being England the weather isn’t exactly Spain worthy. My point is, I want to put some insulation in it – basically what i’m getting to is will they be okay in the shed? I am going to buy them lots and loads of fluffy blankets and tunnels so they won’t get bored. (My sister had ferrets) Also I am thinking about buying a sand box and getting them a sand pit to play in. Would this be okay for them or is it irritant toward their eyes? Sorry for the long message but i’m really not sure – thank-you.

  16. Hi Hannah
    To be honest, I really can’t say whether your ferrets will be okay in your shed as I don’t know where you live and also what the shed is like 🙁
    Will it have a dirt floor or concrete? Ferrets love to dig so if you have a dirt floor it wouldn’t surprise me if they manage to tunnel their way out and go walkabout 😮
    I know you talked about getting them a sand box – I think they’d love that and I don’t think the sand would cause a problem with their eyes. You could always put biodegradable packing peanuts in the box instead of sand if you’re worried about their eyes. I got some for my guys a while back and they all jumped in then jumped out again! Only one of my boys thought it was fun to snorkle through the peanuts but once he did that, he was no longer interested in playing in them!
    I guess only you will know if your shed can be ferret-proofed properly … that would be the main worry! Ferrets are such slinky little critters and can sneak out through the smallest of holes so that would be the biggest concern, IMHO.
    You said your sister had ferrets – could she check your shed out to see if it was completely secure?
    Fluffy blankets and tunnels are great – they also love to lie on hammocks so if you can somehow arrange for a big hammock to be put in the shed then that’d be a bonus. I made a hammock for my guys which I keep in the bathroom. It was a frame from an old dog bed and I put a pillow case over it so that they could either lie on top or inside and they love it.
    I’ve also seen quite a few Google alerts about hoons stealing ferrets which live in cages in people’s back yards so you should also make sure that your shed door has a lock so that no one can sneak in and take them 🙁
    I hope this has been some help to you 🙂

  17. Hi i just want you to know that i LOVE your site!! I’m getting my first Ferret babies this week and my boyfriend and I wanted to make sure we are ready! Thank you for all the info and I hope to share pictures. ” Money cant buy happiness but it can buy Ferrets so Close Enough!” ^_^

  18. Thank you so much for your very kind words, Courtney!
    So glad you enjoy my site – it really is a labour of love on my part and I hope it shows how these little critters have completely captured my heart! 😀
    They are such wonderful little animals and have brought so much laughter and love into my life! I do love all animals but ferrets … they’re just so special
    I hope you’ll share those photos of your new additions – it might be easier to join my forum as you can post lots of photos there and I know the other members would love to see your pictures too 🙂

    You’re embarking on a wonderful adventure with your babies and will probably wonder why it took you so long to get ferrets! LOL!! 😀

  19. Hello, I’m Cayla and I am 17 years old. I want a ferret soooo bad. I have been doing research since I was 15 and I’m still researching. I’ve wanted a ferret for so long, but my mom just won’t let me get one. I already have a feeding schedule, I’ll clean their litter box every single day and thoroughly clean the cage every single day. I’m saving up the money right now to get atleast $600 for the ferret (vet bills and such, savings.) All I need now is the ferret (around $170) and $20 worth of stuff I still need. I already have the cage and everything for it. I’m paying for everything and I’m very responsible. Plus, it wont even stink up the house! Me and my dad are putting it out in a shed that will be kept cool with an A/C. I will take care of them every single day. I know everything about ferrets, and i’ve made so many essays and powerpoints about ferrets for them. My dad will say yes if my mom says yes but she just wont say yes! She says that I have too many animals (3 rabbits and a cat) and then whenever I assure her that I’m taking care of them and I will take great care of the ferret as well, she just changes her argument to “I just don’t want a ferret!” What should I do? I’ll be 18 in four months, maybe I could just go buy a ferret, bring it home, and hope for the best? Lol. Please help! This is so important to me.

  20. Hi Cayla
    Oh dear … I honestly don’t know what to suggest 🙁
    When I fell in love with ferrets, I had teenagers in the house and a very understanding husband, so I didn’t have to try to persuade anyone to let me have ferrets :/
    I wonder if you could get your father onside so that he could talk to your mother and try to change her stance. You sound like a wonderfully responsible animal lover so I feel certain that you’d be a terrific ferret “mom” but I don’t really know what you can do to turn your mother’s opinion around.
    Do you know why she definitely doesn’t want you to have a ferret? Does she think they smell? Or that they’re vicious and nasty? Or what?
    Perhaps if you or your father could find out what exactly she doesn’t like about having a ferret around then you might be able to change her mind.
    You could find some adorable videos on YouTube which show how cute and loving ferrets are. How much fun they are as pets. How intelligent and sweet they are and then see if she’d watch them. Or go through some of the comments on this site where people say “oh my goodness, I never knew how fabulous ferrets were as pets!”, etc. There are some great comments on this page if you’d like to check …

    I think it’s a very bad idea for you to just go ahead and get a ferret without your mother’s consent. It would be awful if you did it and you ended up having to take the ferret to a shelter 🙁
    If the above ideas don’t work then I would suggest you should wait until you move into your own place and then you can have your ferret without any problems (unless you have ferret-hating housemates!!) 🙂
    I hope that some of the suggestions work and your mother finally gives in and allows you get your ferret
    All the best

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