Happy Easter, everyone :)

  Hope you and your ferrets all have a very happy and peaceful Easter 😀 Just remember that chocolate is dangerous for ferrets so please make sure no one gives any to your babies! Stay safe and well over the Easter weekend 🙂  

Folklore, Myths and Olden Day Cures re Ferrets

There are a number of myths, olden day cures and folklore about our favorite slinky friend, the ferret 🙂 Here are a few I’ve found on my travels around the internet …   Olden Day Cures Near Corofin the favourite cures for this illness (whooping cough) were to pass the child under an ass, or … Read more

This DVD is on my Christmas list :)

My goodness, it looks like a laugh a minute 😀 I don’t know how Alison Parker manages to get her ferrets to be such cute actors but she certainly has done well from what I’ve seen, which isn’t much! This is the trailer for the movie … while this video is about the bloopers, and … Read more

During Pharaoh’s day – a Ferret or not a Ferret? [c 2686 BC – 1070 BC]

There seem to be a number of people who maintain that ferrets were first kept in Egypt as rat catchers but I have been unable to verify this as fact. Strabo talks about the ichneumon being an animal peculiar to Egypt in Augustus’ time. This animal was a member of the Viverridae family (other animals … Read more

Weasel Kit Adopted by Cat

This is an oldie but an absolute goldie! Nine years ago it was reported that a pregnant cat in West China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region brought home an orphaned weasel kit. I can only imagine that it was because of her condition that the cat was feeling incredibly motherly and so didn’t eat the little creature … Read more

ImmuneFx Cancer Vaccine

This is just incredible! Finally researchers have found a way to offer pets a cancer vaccine and not a general one, but one which targets the type of cancer the animal has 😮 According to Morphogenesis, the company which developed the vaccine … ImmuneFx cancer vaccine is a multi-indication cancer immunotherapy offered by Veterinary Oncology … Read more

Does Your Ferret Have a Rat’s Tail?

I know how scary it can be to worry about hair loss on the tail of a ferret. The first thing which comes to mind is adrenal disease. However, for the most part, if your ferret has adrenal problems, the hair loss starts at the base of the tail and moves up on either side … Read more

Ferrets are like toddlers :)

I have said on my site that ferrets are like toddlers and Eden Strong’s article in the Small Animal Channel agrees with that assessment, as shown below! LOL! 😀 For those who know ferrets, there will be a lot of nodding and laughing.  For those of you who don’t know ferrets, these points might be … Read more