Folklore, Myths and Olden Day Cures re Ferrets

There are a number of myths, olden day cures and folklore about our favorite slinky friend, the ferret 🙂 Here are a few I’ve found on my travels around the internet …   Olden Day Cures Near Corofin the favourite cures for this illness (whooping cough) were to pass the child under an ass, or … Read more

During Pharaoh’s day – a Ferret or not a Ferret? [c 2686 BC – 1070 BC]

There seem to be a number of people who maintain that ferrets were first kept in Egypt as rat catchers but I have been unable to verify this as fact. Strabo talks about the ichneumon being an animal peculiar to Egypt in Augustus’ time. This animal was a member of the Viverridae family (other animals … Read more