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Anyone who has had an animal which has been a constant companion and friend will know how incredibly hard it is when the time comes to say goodbye.

As one who initially had cats and dogs, I can say that it was an awful thing to farewell them, but then I got ferrets — and the first time I lost one – my beautiful BEW called Scully – I thought my heart would break.

It hasn’t got easier with time and with more of them leaving me. In fact, I think it’s harder.

I don’t know what it is about ferrets – I think most ferret lovers will agree that they completely captivate you with their bubbly personalities and silly little antics.

And maybe it’s because when they get sick, they still soldier on without any complaint. They are such stoic, uncomplaining little things. Yes, they might sleep more than before but when they’re awake, they still try to be the same funny ferret and will even try to do their weasel wardance!

When I was holding Kaos when she was dying, SHE was the one comforting ME by licking the tears streaming down my face!

Each ferret is so different yet each one has a personality which makes an impression on one’s life.

It really is very hard to feel miserable when you have a (healthy) ferret around but, boy, is it hard not to feel completely miserable when you have a sick ferret around.

And for me the worst part of being a ferret owner is taking my ferrets to the vet for their final journey. I have bawled like a baby every time ?

However … if you believe that you will meet up with all your pets again, then the Rainbow Bridge is something which brings a lot of comfort and healing.

I reckon Heaven is going to be one very busy place with all us pet owners reunited with our animals ?


Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together …

~Author Unknown~



There is an Indian legend which says when a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge … and which are turned away …

 ~Unknown Author~

And one lovely “meme” made by Ferret Dooks …



Losing a ferret is an awful experience and one which can cause a lot of tears and heartbreak.

These articles confirms what we all believe …

Animals and Grief (Natural Cures for Grief)

The Pope Has Said: “Animals Too Have Souls, Just Like Men”


I love this quote by John Galsworthy …

«Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives»

and, as you can see from what other ferret owners wrote about the loss of their babies, they surely get so tangled up in our heartstrings that it’s an almost unbearable pain when they leave us!  ?



What Other Visitors Have Said

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Mocha and Slinky 
Brother and sister left us today, but together. They were adopted from a shelter 5 years ago. Never once did they bite, except Mocha if she spotted toes …

Macho was a brown and white ferret that was very close to me and I still cry when I think of him doing his wiggle dance and making me laugh. He used …

Two years ago when I went to go pick out my new friend, there were like five crazy, high-spirited to choose from. They were all playing around and jumping …

She was beautiful she was silly, funny, very cuddly and everybody loved her and her little beady blue eyes. We loved her very much! Snow RIP

Banjo was my first (and so far only) ferret. He stole my heart 5 1/2 years ago and he was my entire world. He never met a human or animal he didn’t …

Pooties was my first ferret. When we locked eyes he had me, my soul. There was happiness again in my life. And when I had to put him to sleep ’cause he …

Sugar was our first ferret, my girlfriend had rescued her from a neglectful home where she was living in a tiny wire rabbit cage with no bedding in her …

Sherlock, from the day we brought you home you captured a life so genuine and loving. I still wait for you to look up at me with your sparkly eyes waiting …

Valentine was a sweet and gentle ferret. I got Valentine the 2/13/09 as a gift to myself for my first paycheck from my new job. I had a ferret at home …

Byron was the 2nd ferret I’ve owned but I had a special connection with him that I didn’t have with my other one. He made me laugh and smile with every …

Lucie was my first rescue. She was born in 9/2006. When we first met it was 7/2009. Lucie won our hearts. She adopted us later that month and came to …

My baby was the best little ferret I could ever ask for. He was crazy, sweet, loveable and irreplaceable. I have lots of good memories of him. He received …

What is there to tell, he was every ferret lover’s dream. He was lovable, funny and mischief all in one. He was one of the family. A little of my heart …

Mini was full of joy life love and happiness! Mini loved being with me, loved being held and loved his treats. I will love and miss my Mini forever. …

May sound strange but my wee Wizwiz was not a ferret. Although i do have a ferret, my wee Wiz was a weasel – same family. I lost her on 22 may 2012 …

Kipling & Khorek 
Kipling is a healthy 4 and a half year old ferret, but two days ago he lost his lifetime partner, Khorek. Our poor baby had a tumor. We made him an …

We saved little Kirby (or “Kirbah” as she was affectionately known) from a small town in the Blue Mountains 4 years ago. She wasn’t in the best shape, …

My ferret, Hollie, was as calm as could be. She was a friend to all nature, and unusually didn’t prefer digging. We never knew her age for she was adopted, …

Erma Laduce 
We actually lost Erma twice – once when she got out, thankfully we got her back a little thinner and dirtier, but she loves stealing things from me. She …

He was a happy little scalywag! He was young when he passed ( about 3 and a half ). I still think about him, he was so very unique, like all animals. He …

Sammy (my brother’s ferret) 
Message we sent the ferret shelter about Sammy’s passing: We adopted two 3 year old ferrets from your shelter. The first little carpet shark was an …

My best friend in the world passed on last night. It was the hardest thing I ever watched. My little buddy passed in my arms staring into my eyes. This …

Bella Boo 
2006-2011. Although you weren’t my first ferret – you were the first who I raised from a kit. She was daddy’s girl and I wouldn’t have it any other …

My little BEW, Lizard, was only 6 months old when she died. She was the most content little thing, and her favourite pastime was wandering into the bathroom …

So sad 🙁  
Okay I really need to stop reading all of these comments, I keep crying :/

When I saw you that day at the pet shop you stole my heart. So small and cute with your little pink feet. We brought you home that day we saw you. …

Well, I can’t say my fuzzy has had the best life. I got him when he was 2-4 years old from people who wouldn’t clean out his cage, feed him regularly, …

Lenny was a very sweet little boy whom I called my ANGEL. He came into my life 5 months after I lost my husband, and became my constant companion for 2 …

Corby was such an adorable and sweet ferret. He was outspoken and let me know when he wanted something. He was the last of my three musketeers. Hazel …

Isabella was a part of the family. She was so sweet and playful and just adored my children. Her passing has been very hard on myself and my children. …

Sandy was the sunshine of our life. Sandy was a very loving, happy, laid back kinda of ferret. She was only a little over two when we had to put her down …

Sweet little Spank Spank selected my girlfreind and I immediately. He was so excited to have adopted us, he nipped my girlfreind right on the chin. Immediate …

Peanut was my little angel without wings. He was sweet, loving, easy going, had this silly little dance, was patient and gentle. When he came home with …

Karma came into our lives on September 2, 2010. She was born on Valentines Day, 2010. She was a sweetheart indeed. She was so strong and curious about …

Zoie ( ZoZo) 
Zoie fought for a very long time to stay here with me. She was one of the sweetest babies on earth & I know in heaven she’s just as sweet & trusting as …

Witchy Woman 2004-2010 
Witchy was thrust upon me but she became my very best friend. Whether i was working on the computer or doing the laundry, she was always there to throw …

Sassy was the cutest little girl. She loved to run and play with her sister Red. She was so full of life and fought until the very second I had to put …

Zip, zip 
She was a very lovable & playful ferret. She would make us laugh at her antics. She loved to bite toes. I hope that she forgives me for putting her …

Stitches 11/05/10 
Stitches was wonderful from day one. As a couple me and my boyfriend felt something was missing in our lives. A pet. Originally we wanted something different …

My Little Charmed 
My baby girl was almost 3 and I just received the call from her vet. She passed away this evening sometime around ten pm. She had adrenal surgery yesterday …

Bandit was born on April Fool’s Day 2001, and passed a week before his birthday in 2008. He brought such joy to us, and will forever be missed. When he …

Cheeky was only 6 months..he died today at the vet of a blockage. He ate a rubber ball and we didn’t find out till today. We drove him to the vet who …

I got my Lindy on July 4th 2008.. she was a stinker. She love to escape and surprise me when I got home from work. She worked so hard to get free… she …

I adopted Capone when he was 5. He was deaf but he loved to war dance for me. And he was a loud dooker. He was a very special ferret. He passed over …

i got Ajay the same time i got his brother Odo. They were two beautiful male sables who you could only tell apart by their masks, Ajay’s being more V-shaped. …

Casper – 2003 to 2010 
She was the most lovable, friendliest, adorable little girl. Even her sister, the cat, misses her dearly. She brought laughter to my life…she was my …

Paris was such a sweet and laid back ferret. His motto was “Whatever!” LOL. He loved his siblings and was especially close to my oldest ferret Hazel, …

My ferret’s name was Peanut. I found her outside my workplace late one evening on September 2nd 2009, as I was going home, curled up in the doorway trying …

Critter….we can’t say enough great things about our little boy. So snuggly, so smart, so animated! His first little ferret dance he did, we laughed …

Gertrude and Mathilda 
We had never had a pet ferret, but weren’t quite ready for kids so we gave them a try. Two baby girls only 8 weeks old, born November 9 2003. Mathilda …

Bandit was a great ferret. He was playing like he always does and we tired him out. I went to call him out with the squeaker toy, that’s how we trained …

Spaz was my pride and joy. He was adorable, loving and a spaz. Perfecty trained. He slept with me and would play with me. I miss the way when I would …

You came to in March 2005, right after mom died and someone here thought I needed cheering up, which I did, and I did see you twice before and fell in …

I wrote this for my George about 15 minutes after he went to the rainbow bridge to meet his beloved Doris and his mate Ralph. Today we lost the best …

Tyler was one of our first ferrets with her sister Fearne. We adopted them together from a rescue centre. They soon settled with us and for two and a half …

She was 5 weeks old when she moved in here and right away she was in control of her one year older stepsisters 🙂 Oh she had total control over us …

Fair Bear 
You might think that is a silly name for a ferret but he was like a little bear cub standing on his back legs. We decided to him Fair Bear. He was …

Snowy Bower 2008 2009 
Snowy was a beautiful Female ferret with white fur and dark eyes. I bought her from a couple who had gotten her for their son, who lost interest. I …

she was an energetic little furball; she loved to steal any gloves she laid eyes on. She was with us only for a few short months, but we were already …

Hazelnut was a Christmas present from my husband. She was wild and playful. She was such a sweet little girl. She loved to groom everyone and her favorite …

Boots AKA (boot boot) 
We lost our deeply loved Boot Boot on November 6, 2009 unexpectedly. Words can not express how heartbroken we are. Boots was such a wonderful ferret. …

Nikomi: The Tree of Life I am amazed at myself at the level of grief I am enduring. It is unbearable. It has been 8 months since my pet ferret …

Meeko was my first ferret. She was only 9 months when she passed. She was perfect, so sweet and loving. She taught me everything I needed to know on …

Sweetie Pie 
We love you!

Sweetie Pie 
Sweetie was a beautiful BEW, with an equally beautiful soul. She made the most frightened of ferret person coo when she greeted them with a slow, loving …

I adopted Lulu, my little albino girl, from a ferret shelter in north Idaho. She was 3 years old and had been at the shelter for 2 years. Her ferret …

I helped my little guy to the Bridge a couple hours ago. He had Insulinoma and while he fought the good fight, one look in those little eyes today, and …

If you’ve lost a beloved ferret, please share their life with us so that their memory lives on! Just use the comment box at the bottom of this page where you can also upload a photo of your sweetheart.

I only had Jazmine for about 5 months. I bought her from a lady for 75 dollars and apparently she has been sick for a while and I never got told about …

Slinky wasn’t our Ferret but the mother of our two newest additions, Astra and Kazooie. Yesterday the young son didn’t latch the cage properly and she …

Hermes….Mr. Herms… 
Hermes..we also called him Mr. Herms was a fighter! He was sweet and soft and just fun to be around. Mr. Herms had Lymphoma (intestines) and he got …

Icey was such a sweet natured little girl. She was a people ferret, never bit anyone even when playing. When I took her in, she had not been around …

Hermes….Mr. Herms… 
Mr. Herms was a fighter! He was strong and loving and just plain adorable! We found out he had Lymphoma (in his intestines) and he was not even 1 years …

Pudgee Bear 
Pudgee was a quirky little ferret who walked backwards, was very shy, but very loving. Pudgee loved to chase his brother Weasel and wrestle with him …

Popcorn was found on a street and given to me by my husband’s coworker in December 2007. He was champagne colored and had a broken fang, so when his …

Grace was a feisty ferret that loved to steal everything from french fries to shoe soles. Every so often, she could be seen sneaking off with candy in …

The Little Nipper 
Little Nipper died today after an unforeseen cage accident. He went very suddenly and I found him right after it happened. I was glad that he didn’t suffer. …

Glory was my first ferret. I had been wanting a ferret for a while. In December 2007, a few days before Christmas, I told my sister-in-law that I would …

If you’ve lost a beloved ferret, please share their life with us so that their memory lives on! Just use the comment box at the bottom of this page where you can also upload a photo of your sweetheart.

Niles, my albino ferret, just passed away today. He died as soon as I got him to the vet. I was up all night with him holding him and trying to get him …

My ferret was 15 when he died – the oldest ferret I have ever had. He was a Siamese point chocolate and never bit me once but would always bite my dad …

I went and got Ruby and Max from the RSPCA last November. As soon as I saw her I just loved her — small, sweet and very timid. She’d been found by …

I got Lenny right after my husband died and he was a comfort for the time I was grieving. Lenny filled a void that was lost for me. Lenny was a special …

Blaise 10/2004 – 8/5/2008
Blaise was a huge silver mitt boy. He became our alpha ferret. I didn’t even know he was adrenal until after he was gone. He showed no signs and …

Rocky 1994-2003
Ah, Bubbielicious! What can I say about you? You who completely stole Mommy’s heart. You came to me as my third rescue I adopted. A long, lean, …

Pooh 2/2001-8/2006
Pooh was a large, dark boy who totally stole my daughter’s heart. He was the love of her life. As ferrets usually do, he was diagnosed adrenal at …

Sno 1998 – 6/20/2005
Sno was a petite albino girl given to us at nine months of age from a pet store due to biting issues. Yea, she WAS a biter. With a lot of patience …

MooGoo, Bambi and Coco
They were my moral support when I was down and sad. I had many wonderful times with them. I shared many special moments with my babies — they meant …

She may have been bitey but she was a lovey color. Long life – happy she was until….she escaped. The dog was out as well then escaped … ahhhhhh …

If you’ve lost a beloved ferret, please share their life with us so that their memory lives on! Just use the comment box at the bottom of this page where you can also upload a photo of your sweetheart.

Bandit ( Bandie)
Bandie & Zoie was also given to me by the same girl that gave me Fluffy. Bandie was the first baby I lost. Bandie died on Feb. 14, 2006. He was a very …

She was my First Baby. I got her from a girl at work who had two ferrets of her own & they were bullying poor Fluffy, so I took her. It was love at first …

I found Smegol while driving around my area. She was being chased by a cat. I stopped and picked her up after some coaxing and took her home. The next …

In 2005 my boyfriend and I already had two ferrets. A boy we called Gizmo and girl we called Jinx, both from the same litter. We went to the pet store …

My girls
My girls are Sara and Sammi — they were the ones who started the craze in my house! Sara passed away on Halloween. Adrenal disease took Sara, and old …

Fluffy was my first ferret, she was given to me (at the age of 3) by a girl at work who had two ferrets of her own. She said that Fluffy & Fluffy’s mate …

Hideki (October 2007-March 2008)
We adopted Hideki on December 2007. Let me start by saying he was not a planned baby. I went to my pet shop just to see the ferrets, when I saw a …


Bandit was our sable Mac Daddy. He lived for a year at a Petco with his brother Angel. Like with his brother, it was love at first sight. We took …

Angel was our sweet first ruby-eyed white baby. We found him almost full size at a Petco. He had lived there for almost a year. Previous people …

Mocha Loca
I remember the day you came in our lives. It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining bright as if the heavens were celebrating your presence in …

My ferret, Angelina, passed away on January 19, 2011. She was born on September 14, 2002. My only pet for 9 years. It was heartbreaking dealing with this …




34 thoughts on “The Rainbow Bridge”

    I lost my baby on July 17, 2015. Her name was Miss Jangles and she lived to be 8. This is very hard as I feel like it took so much of my heart. She was my first ferret and she was a baby when I got her. She was such a sweet girl and a part of our family. RIP my sweet baby.

  2. Oh Michelle
    I am so sorry to hear that and send many condolences for your loss 🙁
    It’s never easy to lose an animal but somehow, with ferrets it seems even harder as they get so tangled up in our heartstrings.
    Miss Jangles is happy and whole now, dooking at the Rainbow Bridge and keeping an eye out for you.
    Another star is shining in the sky tonight!
    Dook in Peace, Miss Jangles :'(

  3. I got my first ferrets brother and sister Tonks and Remus, we got them at two years old in 2005, Remus got bit by a wolfspider, scared him to death, on November 3rd, 2010, and Tonks went peacefully in her sleep after I got back from 6 months apart from her, the day I got home January 8th, 2013, she was so happy, she wouldn’t let me put her back in her cage (she knew how to get out of it, so she kept doing so and finding me). I fell asleep, and when I woke up she was stiff curled up on my chest.

    Tonks (albino) was the responsible leader, and after her brother went, she tried to care for me (I was 12 at the time, and had just lost my mom) she hardly spent time in her cage after her brother wasn’t in it anymore, I put her food and water in my room. When I left for 6 months, my sister took care of her.

    Remus (Dark grey raccoon) was a little troublemaker, but Tonks always kept him in line, despite that he was four times her size. He knew ways of getting out of every cage we ever had for them (he bent the bars one time to escape). He’d always knock over cans, and get under the cupboards in the kitchen.

    Neither of them ever dooked, I never thought it was strange until I got my new kits, Koby and Koda, Koby makes so much noise!

  4. Oh Rain, both Tonks and Remus sound like absolute sweethearts!
    Although terribly sad, I’m so glad Tonks waited to see you again before joining Remus at the Rainbow Bridge 🙁
    Ferrets really are such incredibly intelligent and intuitive little things, aren’t they? Just wonderful little critters!

  5. I lost my wee one ( ferret ) Torah today . She has been sick for three weeks now with cancer , and needless to say , with much medical intervention it was her time to leave and go to a better place – away from pain . It was the hardest thing to witness as I could not get her to the vet quick enough to assist her passing and Torah died in my arms wrapped safety in a blanket . I will never forget ….. She made her way down the stairs this morning , away from her cage mate , to come find me …. A week ago I broke my leg and was unable to get up the stairs to get her out of her play area but my partner let her out to play every day this week … But this wee one managed to crawl down the stairs … And run to my wheel chair . I picked her up and I knew she was very ill , though she still managed to drink water and tried to eat out of my hand . Needless to say – I sang her a song , told her how much she was loved , and shortly after she passed looking at me …. It was beautiful as I knew she was content in my arms – but my god … She is already missed so very much ….

  6. Oh Lisa … I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss! It really is amazing how these little creatures make such an impact on our lives and how deeply their loss affects us!
    I truly believe we’ll be reunited with our pets when our turn comes and our ferrets will be doing their best weasel wardance when they see us again
    Another star is shining in the sky tonight! 🙁
    Many hugs from across the seas!

  7. Arvie was a great pet and friend. She would roll over and lie on her back when she wanted to be let out of her cage to run. She loved to get wet on her slip and slide. We took her on vacations. She was the life of our backyard parties and out on bike rides in her special basket. She will be missed.

  8. I am so sorry to hear of Arvie’s passing :'(
    She sounds like a beautiful little girl and I know she’s leave a big, ferret-sized hole in your hearts but I hope you’ll get another little friend, as you guys sound like beautiful, caring ferrents.
    Another star is shining in the sky tonight!

  9. My ferret died 4 days ago i named him Jon Snow yes after Game of Thrones but the name suited him well i love him so much i cant believe hes not here anymore i used to dream about my future and my little fuzzy was always in it the day he died i wasnt paying attention to him and something awful happened just thinking of him in pain and his fear makes me cry every time i wish i scooped him up in my arms and let him fall asleep in my room that day as usual but for the first time of me having him i gnored him and and i can never go back the guilt has taken over me he made me so happy he wasnt just a pet to me i always avoided that word he was my best friend and he always made me happy especially in a dark time in my life he got me through it when no one else could a huge part of me died with him and i feel empty as though the only thing inside me is sadness and regret i wish i could go back and save him i love you Jon Ghost Snow and i will never forget you my beautiful little baby. I will see you at the rainbow bridge soon..xoxo
    im an idiot i was thinking about what i didnt have but should have been grateful for what i did.

  10. Oh Nadia, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss 🙁
    Your girl will be waiting for you at the Bridge and will do her best wardance to welcome you when she sees you!
    Many condolences 🙁

  11. My sweetheart Maggie will be going to her final vet appointment this Saturday. She has been ill for a few month’s. Insulinoma and with the hair loss it seems adrenal disease as well. Her Dr. Said that she had never encountered a ferret with both. My baby weighs less than one pound, just all bones. Quite frightening. Her and I have been tight since I brought her home in 2012. Maggie was always so full of life with boundless energy. She loved to crawl in my sweatshirts( while I was wearing them) crawl in my pant legs as well. She was an amazing ferret, came running when she heard my voice. Maggie would bite other people ( my wife included) but I had complete trust in her. Even give me kisses on my lips. Fuzzys have been a part of my life since 2002. Out of the 13 I’ve owned Maggie has been my closest friendship. I don’t want to let her go. It brings me to tears thinking about it. My life will have a big hole not felt since my dog died 2+ years ago. As I watch her walk and stumble, sometimes falling over I realize that this is no life for my beautiful little girl. So I am saying ” Goodbye my sweetie. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge” I will always Love You Maggie!

  12. I am so sorry to hear about Maggie.
    She sounds like she was a very special little girl and I hope that as time passes the pain will subside but Maggie will continue to live in your memory and in your heart.
    She will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, happy and whole, and do her special wardance when she sees you 🙂
    Sending you many condolences :'(

  13. To my best mate Wally i miss you so much my little friend you bought me so much joy and happiness in your time with me . I loved you so much mate your going has left a big hole which will be hard to fill . Mate i hope we meet again my little friend where we can play hug and be together as we were before you got sick. Take care my friend be comfortable and play with all the other little fuzzies and keep an eye out for me because i will be looking for you .
    Love you always my Wally your doting dad MISS YOU XOXO

  14. Wally will definitely be looking out for you, Robert!
    I know you have a big hole in your heart but I do hope you’ll get another friend before too long.
    No one can take Wally’s place but you’re such a great ferret owner that I hope you’ll be able to give another ferret a happy and loving home like you did for Wally!

  15. This is my ferret Lucy, so as I met her I fell in love with her , she made me laugh with her lovely ways when she was younger she would play hide and seek and pounce at me like a cat , she also loved to burst balloons , I am saddened and heartbroken I lost my ferret 2days ago i comforted her as she passed away at the vets , at least I know she’s not in pain anymore and she passed pain free sleep tight my angel loved you so much xxx R.I.P

  16. Oh Teresa, I am so sorry to hear of your loss :'(
    I know how our little babies get tangled up in our heartstrings and how painful it is when they leave us 🙁
    Lucy will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge and will pounce on you when she sees you 🙂
    Another star is shining in the sky tonight ❤️

  17. Leopold we love you soo fall a sleep last night on our hands after 7 beautiful years od happiness..

    We will meet again my friend..


  18. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Leopold’s passing ?
    He will always be in your heart, Ivana, and will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge ❤️
    There is another star shining in the sky tonight!

  19. Lost my beloved Miss Woolworth to accidental death back in late July , she found her way into a very large soft toy penguin , via a hole in the neck , was looking everywhere for her for 3 days , then discovered her body there led there by flies , I hope my warning saves at least 1 ferret , and also their families from this horrible heartbreaking experience. I love and miss her so much , these adorable little animals steal our hearts , not just our stuff. Cannot load picture as over size limit , she was a beautiful silver 1/2 angora lady.

  20. Oh Kevin, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your loss ?
    I can imagine the large ferret-shaped hole in your heart – it never gets easier ?
    You sound like a wonderful ferret owner so I hope when the pain lessens, you’ll share your life with another ferret. That won’t replace Miss Woolworth but it might just help to deaden the pain a bit!
    Re not being able to load a photo of your baby – you can download Irfanview for free and that will let you to easily reduce the size of your photo so that you can post it here.

  21. Oh Kevin, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your loss ?
    I can imagine the large ferret-shaped hole in your heart – it never gets easier ?
    You sound like a wonderful ferret owner so I hope when the pain lessens, you’ll share your life with another ferret. That won’t replace Miss Woolworth but it might just help to deaden the pain a bit!
    Re not being able to load a photo of your baby – you can download Irfanview for free and that will let you to easily reduce the size of your photo so that you can post it here.

    Sending many cyber hugs ??

  22. On Oct.5th 2019 we had to rush our ferret Mischeif to the emergency vet not having the funds for his surgery trying every Avenue of aspect come up with money for his surgery only to be let down unwillingly we had to put him to sleep for a broken femur..I begged my boyfriend to just please let us take him home ti find time to get money for his surgery but I was denied that right by my heart aches every day for Mischeif ..He came into our lives found wandering outside not having him for a full year it hasn’t gotten any easier since his passing .

  23. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Diane ?
    Mischeif will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge and will do his best wardance when he sees you! ❤❤
    Ferrets are such incredible little critters and really get so tied up in our heart strings. They take a little bit of our hearts with them when they leave us ?
    Big hugs

  24. There’s another star shining in the sky right now ? Spanky will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge ❤

  25. Physic was his name & here’s his story.. my wife was getting dressed one morning.. looked in our back yard & there was a sable ferret.. we took him in not knowing anything about ferrets.. we both fell in love with this little guy.. we read about ferrets etc.. he became a big part of our life…my wife decided he needed company so she went & got a female.. she is a true albino.. pink eyes & all.. they were great together.. lined the antics. We left for a weeks vacation & left them home with a son ,adult.. who opened the door to there cage & let them loose in our room.. after we came home from vac.. I opened the bedroom door to see my buds.. the albino she came right out from under the covers.. I couldn’t find physic!! Went into master bathroom to find he got into the shower & got locked in.. found him dead in the shower.. we were devestated… I wasn’t right for over a month. Since his tragic ending.. the albino we felt needed company so we went & got a kit to keep her company .. being that the albino was 4 years old the kit was too much for her so we got another baby a month later.. the 3 girls are great together.. we love them dearly & take them camping and on vacation with us.. never will we leave them with anyone again. Bottom line if not for finding physic we never would have had ferrets… I do miss him licking my ear every morning telling me hi & making my day.. but he will always be in my memories…

  26. My daughter lost her AWESOME ferret, Marshmallow yesterday. He was such a fun loving guy who loved to snuggle. He loved playing with his dog sister Miley and cat brother Bewy. He was so spry and energetic. He would scratch at my daughters door when he wanted to come out. When she wasn’t home I would steal him and play with him for 30 to 40 minutes. He was truly an awesome little guy. He would give licks and kisses on a regular basis, as well as a little nibble on your ankle. And oh how he loved to steal and hide things. His life was taken short, only 1 year old. No warning signs, no answers for us. My daughter found him in her room when she returned home at night, just upright under the bed. He was taken too young and our hearts are broken. I am so grateful to have had just a short stint with “MARSHY” because he was such loving little guy that gave all of his little heart. We all love him and miss him dearly. He was our first ferret. Thank you for having an awesome site where I can share such a story on one of our greatest furry critters!

    Joseph C. Zabielski
    Assistant Football Coach
    Misericordia University

  27. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Joseph ?
    I can imagine how empty it is without Marshy but would you consider giving another ferret a place in your home? Not to replace Marshmallow but to help another furry friend, as you and your family sound like wonderful “ferrents” ❤️
    Marshy will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!
    With kindest regards

  28. I have now lost 10 ferrets over 33 years. I got 2 more and they will probably be my last due to my age. I had to wait to get my last because of covid and I felt lost all the time without them. I loved them all and miss them all every day. They were all my best friends and my precious children. It always kills a bit of me when I lose one because I never really lose them since I can never forget them as long as I am me. I could tell many stories about each of them and have. Thanks to the people that set up this site. Dooks to you.

  29. I can totally empathise with you, Steve, as I’m in the same boat!
    I used to keep six ferrets and when one would pass over to the Rainbow Bridge I’d get another. The new one could never replace the one who left but it helped to fill the ferret-shaped hole in my heart! However 7 years ago I had a very bad infection in my right knee after a simple operation and had to spend 4 months in hospital, getting super strong antibiotics which really knocked me around.
    When I got back home, Philip (my husband) made me promise I wouldn’t replace every ferret which left me and just be happy with two. I agreed but when the last two of my old business left, I felt it so badly that I thought I should hang up my ferret harness. However Philip couldn’t bear seeing my gloomy face so two weeks later, he contacted a good friend of ours who had been president of our ferret society to see if she could find out if there were 2 ferrets who needed a new home!
    As it happened, a lady had handed in her two sable ferrets – brothers – so they were brought to our house and have been making me laugh for the last 5 years! ?
    Unfortunately one of the brothers has adrenal problems so had an implant put in, and just a couple of months ago his brother – called Misha – lost the use of his hind legs due to what the vet thought was a congenital spinal problem ?
    A kind person printed a 3D chariot for him so he can zip around the house if he wants to and I’m putting supplements in his daily smoothie to help but I don’t know how long I will have him for. This problem brought home how difficult it is for me to look after him so once the boys leave me for the Rainbow Bridge, I will definitely hang up my ferret harness. Am not looking forward to the day but since I am 74, I don’t think my creaky body will improve ?
    So you have two ferrets which might be the last ones, and I have two ferrets which definitely will be my last ones so I know exactly how you must be feeling!
    Big hugs to your two from their new buddies down under ❤

  30. I just lost my first cat snake. His name was atlas and he saved my life. I was going through a serious depression and was going to end it but I gave myself a choice and decided to get a ferret. And he pulled me out of my depression and completely turned my life around. Just seeing him sleeping was enough to make me smile from ear to ear. He loved to get dragged on a blanket, it would make him wardance everywhere. He had me and my entire family wrapped around his paw. He had tunnels all over the house, as many toys as he wanted, and fresh meat every day. He was spoiled as can be. And now that he’s gone my whole family feels lost and the house feels empty. We loved him with everything we had. He’s gone too soon. R.I.P. Atlas, 2018-2022. You were the best ferret a family could ask for

  31. My sweet ozzy girl died today 2/26/22. Just short of her second birthday which would have been 3/8/22. We had such a bond that I never imagined possible. I’ve been reading things like such on this site to help me feel better. It’s truly so hard, I miss her little self, her scent, her kisses, her cuddles, her waking me up in the middle of the night, running all around the place. It’s only been not even a full day. My heart hurts knowing she’s gone, she fought really hard she got sick with a handful of issues. She loved fleece blankets, had the comfiest hammocks but would still find a comfy position in the oddest spots. She was such a messy eater she left crumbs EVERYWHERE !!!! My favorite is when I would wake up or walk in the room after a long day and she would stand tall staring at me like mommmmmmm hiiiii come get me !!!! Cant stop thinking of her and I don’t think I ever will. It’s crazy to me how much the loss of her has impacted me. My sweet ozzy. She was the best and my first ever ferret. I’ll miss her forever and love her always.

  32. Oh Hailey, I am so sorry to hear about your Ozzy ?
    I hope you will fill that ferret-shaped hole in your heart with taking on another ferret. The second ferret will not take Ozzy’s place but it will definitely help to heal your heart.
    There is another star shining in the sky!
    DIP little Ozzy ❤
    And big hugs to you for your loss ?

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