Plush Toys for Ferret Lovers

A number of people have written to me, asking where they can get stuffed toys of ferrets so to make life easier, I’ve listed all the ones I could find on this page, including other mustelids


Jerrett Ferret Kosen White Ferret Hansa Cream Ferret Hansa Brown Ferret Hansa White Ferret
Aurora Sable Ferret Folkmanis Ferret


Various other mustelids to cuddle

Stuffed Polecat


Stuffed Ermine
Stuffed Beech Marten


American River Otter Stuffed River Otter Otter “Oliver” – Stuffed Plush Otter Stuffed Plush Large Kosen Otters
Stuffed Plush Small Kosen Otter Stuffed Sea Otter Big Plush
Stuffed Sea Otter


Badger Stuffed Plush Badger


Standing Stuffed Weasel Folkmanis Stuffed Mini Weasel


Stuffed Wolverine

Stuffed Wolverine


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