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There are many things to learn about our favorite pet, the ferret – aka Mustela putorius furo – so this page should be your one-stop place to find out everything unusual, as and when I come across information.

For instance, if you’re interested to learn what Mustela putorius furo means in English, when ferrets were first used for hunting rabbits (ferreting), which old English university forbade their students from having ferrets, etc, you’ve come to the right page.

And there are also fascinating stories about the ferret’s cousin, the weasel, at the bottom of this page, so check those links out too  😀



Mustela Putorius Furo
Find out what the Latin name means as well as the origins of the ferret

How to Say Ferret in Other Languages
You never know when you might need to find out what a ferret is called in Albanian or Farsi or whatever …

Folklore and Olden Day Cures Regarding the Ferret
A list of olden day cures for illnesses using ferret poop and folklore found regarding the ferret

The Collective Noun for Ferrets
There are a surprising number of ways to spell a “business of ferrets”!

Ferret Quotations
All the quotations I could find which refer to the ferret in one way or another

Ferrets in Ancient Times
The Persians sent a ferret to China as a gift … and did the Egyptians really have ferrets? I thought not until I found some other references about ferrets in Nubia

Ferrets in the Middle Ages
Find out which English college had rules saying no ferrets allowed and and what Nicholas Hiliard used a ferret’s tooth for …!

Georgian Ferrets
See what the 1771 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannia had to say about mustelids!

Queen Victoria and Ferrets
Did Queen Victoria actually give ferrets away to visiting dignitaries, like some people claim, and how much did they cost …?

Present Day Ferret Achievements
Ferrets have done a lot to help us in this day and age, including cheering up sick kids!

Ferrets in the Pears Cyclopaedia
Read about the information given out in the “War Economy Issue” of this Cyclopaedia in respect of ferrets and their care

When were the earliest records written about ferreters and discover what the Kelb tal-Fenek has to do with the sport …

Ferret Legging
Find out about the origin and rules of the silly ‘sport’ called Ferret Legging

Ferret Races
Ferret Races … apparently it originated in Libya back in Herodotus’ day where they had racetracks (galeaidromos) built for ferrets!?!

Feeding Ferrets in the 1880s
I am amazed that ferrets survived in England during the 19th century after reading about the awful diets they were fed!




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  1. Hi Theresa
    The only wild ferrets in the US are black footed ferrets …

    and yes, they were introduced into Wyoming last year …

    These are related to our pet ferrets but there are no “wild” pet ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) running around loose in the US!

    Hope that’s been of help to you 😀

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