Ferret Articles

I have sourced some ferret articles from various sites on the Internet and have them listed below, as well as contributions by other ferret owners.

I’ve included these articles to give alternative viewpoints, which I personally may or may not agree with, so if you have any issues with the advice or information they give, please contact the authors directly.

Please feel free to send me any articles on ferrets or other mustelids that you’ve written but note that they will only be published at my discretion.


The Much Maligned Ferret… Unveiled (Pets4Homes UK)

The Differences Between A European Polecat And A Domestic Ferret (Pets4Homes UK)

All About Ferrets – Quick Facts (Pets4Homes UK)

Fun Interesting Facts About Ferrets (Pets4Homes UK)

10 Of The Most Interesting And Useful Ferret Facts (Pets4Homes UK)

Ferret Behaviour Decoded (Pets4Homes UK)

Myths And Misconceptions About Ferrets – True Or False? (Pets4Homes UK)

Do Ferrets Smell, And Is There Anything You Can Do About This? (Pets4Homes UK)

Are Ferrets Fun Pets Or A Lot Of Hassle? (Pets4Homes UK)

Whatever Happened to Bart, Victoria and Gary? by Gary Schooley

Article On Ferrets by Johanna McDaniel

Allure of the Weasel – ferrets by Pamela H. Sacks

Curious Creatures: The Beauty Of Owning A Ferret by Jason Flintstone

The Albino Ferret by Lee Dobbins

Ferrets — The Ideal Pet by Sue Jan

So You Want To Own A Ferret? by Cait Isaacs

Do Ferrets Smell Bad? by Matthew Humphries

Do Baby Ferrets Make Better Pets? by Lee Dobbins

How Do I Introduce A New Ferret To My Established One(s)? by Mike Steele

Owning A Ferret by Robert Davis


The Six Main Causes Of Gastrointestinal Disease In Ferrets (Pets4Homes UK)

Signs Your Ferret May Be In Pain Or Experiencing Discomfort (Pets4Homes UK)

What You Need To Know About Ferret Health (Pets4Homes UK)

8 Signs Your Ferret May Be Unwell (Pets4Homes UK)

What You Need To Know About Ferret Health (Pets4Homes UK)

Checking Your Ferret Over And Identifying Good Health (Pets4Homes UK)

Coughing In Ferrets – Should You Be Worried? (Pets4Homes UK)

Considerations Regarding Ferret Surgery For Carcinomas And Other Issues (Pets4Homes UK)

Adrenal Disease In Ferrets Explained (Pets4Homes UK)

What Is Aleutian Disease In Ferrets (Pets4Homes UK)

Waardenburg Syndrome In Ferrets (Pets4Homes UK)

Caring for a Ferret with Insulinoma by Pat Ceriello. Pat has been caring for Bandit, his ferret with insulinoma, for the past 2 years and has advice for other ferret owners in the same position.

Boe’s Story Bill helped his ferret, Boe, with natural supplements when Boe had insulinoma

Skipper’s Condition by Gary Schooley

Adrenal Disease in Ferrets: Causes, Signs, Treatment & Prevention by Kristen Onasch

Canine Distemper in Ferrets by Susan Brown, DVM

Facts About Ferret Insulinoma by Jillian Williams

Ferret Vet Tips by Matthew Humphries

What Vaccinations Does My Ferret Need? by Matthew Humphries

Ferret Hair Loss Could Be Something To Worry About by Lee Dobbins

Ferret Diseases and Illness by Lee Dobbins


How to Care & Raise A Ferret [The Ultimate Guide] (SumoPet)

Top Tips On How To Feed A Ferret (Pets4Homes UK)

Bathing Your Pet Ferret (Pets4Homes UK)

Ferrets And Food Hoarding (Pets4Homes UK)

How To Keep Ferrets Safe In Winter (Pets4Homes UK)

Clipping Ferret Claws by Gary Schooley

Getting A Great Cage For Your Ferret by Lee Dobbins

Proper Bedding for your Ferret by Mike Steele

Basic Needs for your Pet Ferret by Lee Dobbins


Ten Fun Games To Play With Your Ferrets (Pets4Homes UK)

Best Games To Play With Your Ferret! (Pets4Homes UK)

Ferret Games by Gary Schooley

BuzzBalls for Your Ferret by Gary Schooley

Do-It-Yourself Games For Your Ferret by Matthew Humphries

Teaching Your Ferret Tricks by Lee Dobbins

Learn The Trick To Teaching Your Ferret Tricks by Lee Dobbins

How Do I Train My Ferret Not To Nip? by Mike Steele

Ways to Help Litter Train your Ferret by Mike Steele

Ferret Training Tips by Matthew Humphries

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  1. Hi Aaron
    I’m afraid I don’t know of any ferret breeders in Georgia ? I googled the question but all I got was a list of ferret shelters in that state.
    Don’t you think it would better to go to a shelter and pick out a ferret which you could give a loving home to? I think that would be neat ?
    Here are two shelters which are listed in the American Ferret Association’s website …


    If they’re not close to where you live then I suggest you google for nearby shelters. I guess you could also see if the shelter could recommend a good breeder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Sorry I can’t be of more help but I live in Australia so ….!
    Good luck ?

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