Happy Easter, everyone :)

  Hope you and your ferrets all have a very happy and peaceful Easter 😀 Just remember that chocolate is dangerous for ferrets so please make sure no one gives any to your babies! Stay safe and well over the Easter weekend 🙂  

This DVD is on my Christmas list :)

My goodness, it looks like a laugh a minute 😀 I don’t know how Alison Parker manages to get her ferrets to be such cute actors but she certainly has done well from what I’ve seen, which isn’t much! This is the trailer for the movie … while this video is about the bloopers, and … Read more

Ferrets are like toddlers :)

I have said on my site that ferrets are like toddlers and Eden Strong’s article in the Small Animal Channel agrees with that assessment, as shown below! LOL! 😀 For those who know ferrets, there will be a lot of nodding and laughing.  For those of you who don’t know ferrets, these points might be … Read more