1st time ferret owner

by julie
(Maine, USA)

Our son brought home his girlfriend’s ferret for Thanksgiving when she flew back to California for school break last year. I soon fell in love with the delightful creature and found her to be so much fun.

I didn’t want to see her go when our son went back to college and returned the ferret back. I was hoping for Christmas break she would return again but this time the girlfriend snuck her into the forbidden state. I was sad not to see her for the month long break.

Soon after our son went back to college he and his sweetie broke up the relationship and our son decided to come home. Feeling lonely, he bought a ferret to bring with him. He came to my room early in the morning when he returned home and presented to me, Stella, a baby female ferret. I loved her immediately.

My son and I playfully joke who really owns the ferret, him or I. We kind of co-own her.

Stella is very playful and adorable. Enjoys her grain free Zupreen diet. I have given her turkey, chicken and egg but she has not taken to anything but her main diet food. She likes a variety of things to play with from crinkly paper, shiny objects, boxes, bags, blankets, etc. She seems to enjoy just about everything, especially hands and feet.

I am learning not to leave coffee cups around as she finds everything, yes everything.

I loved finding your site and learning much more about these wonderful animals I never knew much about. So much to learn.

Thanks for posting.
Julie in Maine, USA


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Feb 14, 2015 by: Anonymous
Thanks so much for posting your thoughts about ferrets, Julie 🙂
Your Stella sounds like an absolute sweetheart and I’m thrilled that your son thought to give you her for companionship – what a lovely boy you have :)Ferrets are such great little things – full of mischief and fun and … of course … very naughty at times 😉

I am at the close end of 70 years old and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be without a ferret in my house 🙂

They keep me laughing and make me so happy when they’re doing their weasel wardance or just being them!

I’m sure that Stella will bring you many years of love and laughter 🙂

Big hugs to Stella from her new buddies down under 😀


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