A little unsure

by Nikki

I’m 17 and I have a paying job, but for my birthday I was given a cage with some starter gear and was told in about a week after our vacation that we can go pick up 2 new ferrets.

I have wanted ferrets for a while now and have been doing my research. They are going to be 6 weeks old and the breeder has already had them fixed, descented, and they have goten their distemper shots. The cage I have will be big enough for the two of them and I have gotten more supplies. I have a litter pan, a hamock, a heavy food dish, a water bottle, litter, bedding, food, toys, collars (with bells), harneses, leashes, and I’m ready to put my time and love into all of this.

But now, I want advice. I’m not sure if I have everything I will need, or just a tip because I am a first time ferret owner. They will not have free roam of the whole house but eventually, after some litter training, they will have free roam of at least my room, which is kinda big. I have ferret proofed it, and I’m so excited to get them both.

We have a dog, a siberian husky/ mutt mix and she is really kind and gentle but loves to play so I think introduced properly they all might become friends. I even found a vet in my area that will care for ferrets.

I still have my worries tho and would like any advice anyone could give.

P.S. I have already thought of names, Peppe (like the french skunk on looney toons) and Paco (like taco but with a P) 😉


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Aug 14, 2012 Unsure
by: Roberta

Do as much research as absolutely possible! Read Ferrets For Dummies. Remember ferrets are not cage animals like mice or hamsters. They MUST have daily out of cage time and also be kept on a schedule to keep their metabolism in the best shape. Last but not least, save at least $1000 for medical emergencies. Ferrets are pricey when it come to medical bills.Enjoy your new furry buddies!Sincerely,Roberta

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