A sad story

by Danila Osipov
(Russia )

When we got our ferret we didn’t know that they are so curious, active and had such a strong smell. We lived in a small apartment at the time and “Liza” was always in our sight when she was out of the cage…

Once upon a time we put her cage on our open balcony and left her in there for a few minutes so we could clean the house.

As my mother and I were busy cleaning the room we heard a door bell .. my friend came to me and told me that something had fallen from my balcony … that something was “Liza”.

Poor animal had fallen from 4th floor … and still lived! We took her to our Vet and the doctor did everything he could … 4 shots of painkillers .. that’s all he could do …

As it turned out, I left one door open.. or maybe she opened it.. But the biggest lesson i have learned is to deal with the smell and not to leave ferrets unattended in dangerous places … they are too curious and active.


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Jan 16, 2013 Aww I’m so sorry
by: Ezzy

Don’t mind what David said.your not stupid. Mistakes happen and this was obviously was a mistake. Don’t worry the ferret lived and you learned a lesson, and it’s not gonna happen again so don’t set your mind on it.Oh and I’m sorry about the whole event it must have been a very tragic and I’m very glad that you did not lose your loved ferret in the accident. 🙂

Jan 31, 2008 Horrible!
by: David

That’s horrible. You must be stupid to leave a ferret on a balcony unattended! I would hope that would be common sense and you don’t need a lesson to realize this!

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