A shocking morning

by J.C.
(New Orleans, LA, U.S)

I live in Louisiana and my friend Nicole has a ferret, and one day I slept over at her house. In the morning I went to put on my hoodie to go home (here it comes).

I thankfully stuck my hands into the long front pocket before walking out the door, only to find a very sleepy ferret.

I always check my hoodies and clothes before I leave the house now.



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Apr 03, 2010 It sure is!
by: Helen

This sounds very familiar 🙂So far no ferret ended up in the washing machine or
anything but I always check twice before closing
it. Counting noses before I switch it on.

Apr 03, 2010 A shocking morning
by: JC

Hi JCYes they do have away of sleeping in places we humans wouldn’t think of. I found one of mine in the laundry basket once. Thank God it was clean clothes to be put away & not dirty ones to go in the washer. Then once I picked up my purse off the dining room table to go out shopping … God the purse felt heavy. Yep !! BoBo was in it and fast asleep.I check everything now before I do anything or go anywhere. With 5 little angels running around you have to.

JC & Gang

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