A very cold night

by beth

This morning I did my usual routine went to get some ice from the freezer, It is a french door style fridge with the freezer on the bottom, and my ferret (e’lan) was sitting on top of the ice cream shivering. Apparently she had been there from 8pm the night before until 5:30am. I am so glad I woke up early this morning or it may have been worse. She appears to be fine but I will watch her closely for any signs of illness. I would like to hear if anyone else has had an experience like this and if they found anything wrong with their pet afterwards.


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Dec 06, 2010 Very cold indeed!
by: Helen

Oh, poor thing!We never had this with one of our own but they do climb in while getting something out of the fridge.Before I can close it I need to get all of them out first. Count noses and then close it.Ferrets are very curious little creatures and every time they are out of their cage I need to check, check and double check before closing whatever it is I just opened. Mind you… this could have been your washing machine :-O
You can be pretty sure you would not be this lucky.. 🙁

I still would have taken the ferret to the vet to be sure or at least called him/her. Just to be sure… if the vet is still sleeping, too bad!
That is why he became a vet in the first place LOL!

We all need to learn, we all had a something happening that ended well, some did not. I guess we all need lessons and wake up calls sometimes in our lives.
You were lucky there was enough air in there for her to breathe … if the cold wouldn’t get her she would have died from lack of oxygen.

I am very glad she is still around but if you have such an experience again … call the vet right away!

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