Adult toys

by Candice

When I was a teen I had Bandit, he was maybe two years old at the time. He was allowed to roam the house when I was home.

After school I had let him out and while playing with him he went into one of those crazy fits, couldn’t quit laughing, next thing I know he had slipped under my parents’ bedroom door. Their door was locked. I called and called for him but he wouldn’t come.

Twenty min later I see him backing out from under the door. Thought what does Bandit have now? When he managed to get it pulled under to my amazement he had my mother’s adult toy!!! I knew what it was and so was not going to touch it.

Soooo I watched him drag it down the hall and under my bed. When my mom returned home, I told her about Bandit’s new toy to his collection 🙂

Well I loved my Bandit greatly but he had chewed the head of it off. If you have any adult toys lock them up.


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Jun 21, 2014 Goodness gracious me! 😉
by: Anonymous

Well Candice, I must say that was the first time I’ve ever heard about that but yes, it’s true! Do not let ferrets eat rubber otherwise ….

Was Bandit okay afterwards or did you have to take him to the vet to remove the blockage?

Thanks so much for sharing that story – it certainly is good for people to keep in mind! LOL!

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