by Alaina

i got Ajay the same time i got his brother Odo. They were two beautiful male sables who you could only tell apart by their masks, Ajay’s being more V-shaped.

A few months after we got the guys, Ajay started acting weird. he stopped eating much, lost so much weight and started having very bloody stools. He could barely move right.

After taking him to so many vets and he didn’t get any better, I decided with my mother that he was suffering too much. The physical exam right before he got euthanized revealed bumps near his lower body area, tumors we guessed.

After realizing that, we still couldn’t save him. He was euthanized later that day and I have never cried more in my life. I miss him even now, when I have a different ferret.

Nothing will ever replace you, Ajays! I miss you and really hope you’re having fun on the Rainbow Bridge!!!

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