Alexandra, the owner of Max

by Alexandra Ramirez
(El Paso TX)

My ferret’s name is Max and he is the cutest and the most annoying thing ever! But I love him so much there is no way I could hurt him and if I did (accidentaly), then I would probably hug him and tell I am sorry so many times.

Max has a small play pen he plays in minimum an hour a day and I always makes sure he has food, but he is always tipping his foodbowl over so I have to refill that once a day.

Max is a year old, he got his rabies shot and is due for another shot in three weeks with his vet who is very, very friendly and she is very nice and caring towards Max.

Well, bye!

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Jan 10, 2010 Max
by: Anonymous

LOL! I think most ferret owners think their ferrets are the funniest and sweetest and cutest little things but also the most annoying things when they get up to their tricks 😀

Max sounds like a great little guy and I’m sure he’ll make all your days happy with his silly antics!

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