Almost an owner

by Janet

What a fabulous website, thanks for all the information!

Having grown up with dogs and cats and having lost my last cat, who was 19, I have decided that neither a dog nor cat will fit in my lifestyle, and it would be nice to have something different. I’ve seen ferrets in my local pet store and they really appeal to my extrovert streak! I’ve done a fair bit of reading and research and feel that a ferret is well suited to me, giving me endless entertainment and companionship, but I still have a few niggling doubts.

I am a mature adult, live alone, hike, cycle and travel by car towing a small trailer a lot, consequently don’t have a huge social life. I am retired so my time is my own and I have lots of it to spend with a ferret. During the winter months I share a house with my daughter in Canada. It’s possible to ferret-proof parts of the house so it would not be a problem to have a ferret there, but I spend the summer months travelling.

I would purchase a cage for the ferret but do not have the room in the trailer for a multi-story cage. I don’t have a problem with letting the ferret have free run of the trailer whilst I’m there, and as I spend most of my time outside I could always rig up a fenced area on grass. Hopefully the ferret could be trained to ride in a basket on the bike, and in a bag whilst hiking.

Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions or criticisms?


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Oct 06, 2011 for Janet
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your kind comments about the website. It really is a work of love and I hope that if you get a ferret, it’ll continue to help you 🙂I personally can not imagine a ferret sitting still in a basket on a bike or in a backpack as you hike but hey … ferrets never cease to amaze me and there are many folk who do lots of things with their ferrets so … it could happen if you have a ferret with the right personality.Can I please suggest that you join my forum

There are a couple of Canadian ferret owners there and one of our American members has actually taken her 2 ferrets away in a camper van so they’d have lots of good advice to share.

We went camping once with 2 of our guys when we tried ferreting. Never again …! LOL!

I honestly do feel you’d be a great ferret owner as you seem to have taken the trouble to find out what is required. They can be great companion animals but … again … it all depends on an individual ferret’s personality 😀

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