Artemis and Kamry

I got my first ferret and she is a beautiful girl. I am very nervous about her not liking me. I need some advice on how you know. I also think she is deaf. I have tried snapping in her ear and she doesn’t wake up. I am in love with my little girl and I hope she loves me too.


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Jul 08, 2011 Your ferret 🙂
by: Anonymous

Ferrets are pretty hard sleepers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if her hearing is okay, and she still didn’t get up. A lot of ferrets are deaf too, but I wouldn’t really know from my experience. When I first got my ferret, I had no clue how to play with him and thought he didn’t like me. Now I know what games he likes to play, and he gives me ferret kisses whenever I hold him up. It takes time to figure out how they work, but once you do, you will truly be delighted 🙂 Good luck!

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