Baby Gates are USELESS…

by Devin
(Orlando, FL, USA)

These so called “Child-proof” gates are truly only that: Child Proof. Not Ferret proof. Our ferret treats gates like they are just a minor obstacle and scales them with no effort. We even tried two on top of each other. Then angled them outward.

I am an engineer, and I had to rig a contraption that would prevent him from getting hold of the gate… It worked for about a month. Ferrets are too determined to keep them out of an area with a simple gate.


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Mar 28, 2014 Your post made me laugh!!!
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, Devin … I’m not belittling your post but one thing I’ve found after 20 years of being a ferret slave … they are SMART COOKIES!!!

Love them to pieces but my God, they can figure out all sorts of things which we humans think might be difficult for them to conquer!! 😀

Thanks so much for sharing that information! I hope that other new ferret owners will pay attention to your post and think about other ways to keep their furbabies safe in the house 🙂

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