by Annette
(Indiana U.S.A.)

I helped my little guy to the Bridge a couple hours ago. He had Insulinoma and while he fought the good fight, one look in those little eyes today, and I knew he was tired. We battled through a couple of bouts of green slime and he pulled through, but this was more than he could conquer.

My son found Baby in the street when he was not quite a year old and it was love at first sight for both of us. I never had a ferret before, but Baby and I did okay. I educated myself on all things ferret and I got really good at reading his moods. He was a small ferret, never got much over 2 lbs. and it never ceased to amaze me at how much personality came in such a tiny package.

He got along well with our 3 dogs because they thought he was just another member of the pack and he probably thought they were just large ferrets!

I will probably never have another ferret unless God brings another one my way; there is none that could ever take Baby’s place, but I will always cherish the 6 & 1/2 years we shared together. I hope to meet him at the bridge one day and I know it will be a sweet reunion!!

God Bless you Baby. You stole my heart and you will live there forever.

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