by heather
(rochester, ny)

i have found that my little Lylah has an obsession with plastic bags so now i leave one on the floor for her to play with. I just rip it up so there’s no getting stuck in it…. she runs then does a belly glide along them like a slip-n-slide!

I have also found that training her to come for a treat works. I shake the container then give her one and repeat till she goes nuts. When I do it I also keep a harness with a bell on her so I can hear her at all times.


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Feb 22, 2010 bags
by: Anonymous

My little fellah loves bags. i just put any shopping bags on the floor and he goes totally crazy when he plays in them. Must be the sound of crackling plastic LOL!

Feb 16, 2010 Lylah
by: Lissy

Oh wow 🙂 my little ferret has the same name 😀 except it’s spelt Lilah, lol!

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