Bandit ( Bandie)

by Jacque
(jcqlcarlyle AT yahoo DOT com)



Bandie & Zoie was also given to me by the same girl that gave me Fluffy. Bandie was the first baby I lost. Bandie died on Feb. 14, 2006.

He was a very smoochy boy. Loved being held & rubbed. He always came when you called him.

When Bandie got sick, it seemed like it happened overnight, He slept with me the night before his appointment with the vet. He tried so hard to eat. I was up every two hours giving him water & food, I was really was hopeful he’d pull through, but he didn’t. I never cried so hard in my life.

I brought him home and buried him. Now he & Fluffy are together & playing again.


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Aug 28, 2008 How Sad!
by: Anonymous
Aww. That is so sad! I’m sorry. I have 4 little fuzzies and they are all the sweetest things. I can’t imagine one of my little babies dying. I can understand why you cried so hard. They are very hard not to love.

Jun 22, 2008 Bandie was a beautiful boy
by: Anonymous
They may be gone but they are not forgotten by us. I love this quote I found by an English writer called John Galsworthy.
~~Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, 
these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them 
so many years of our own lives.
You’ll see Bandie and Fluffy again, of that I’m convinced.

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