by bburgio
(bay shore,ny suffolk)

Bandit was a great ferret.

He was playing like he always does and we tired him out. I went to call him out with the squeaker toy, that’s how we trained him to come to us, but he did not respond so I went to go look for him and found him lying unresponsive.

I rushed him to the vet. He had no red blood cells and no sugar in his system.

He was a very healthy ferret & the vet loved him when he went in for his shots. They also loved him at the nursing home.

They did not know why this happened but a few minutes after the vet, me and my husband held him, he took his last breath and passed away.

We had him for 4 great years – he was the king of the house and cage. He was great with kids and all animals he came across.

He was a rescue from a kid that was going to let him go into the wild in the heart of winter.

I would like to find out how these things could happen to a very healthy ferret.

Bandit will be missed by all. He’s up in animal heaven.

I will find another one or maybe two rescues.

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