Basement Insulation

by Brian

My ferret, Lucy in the Sky, loves to follow me around while I am doing housework downstairs but also found out that a good digging surface is the insulation on the walls of my basement.

She has destroyed about 1 square foot of it and I have caught her trying to eat it every time. I eventually had to put a mesh fence on the walls of my entire basement to prevent her from scratching at eating at it.

Be warned, that foam can kill your most loved pet.


Comments for Basement Insulation

May 14, 2010 Bad Habit
by: Susan

It is really good that you noticed your ferret digging and trying to eat that insulation.You have avoided what could have been a disaster in the making.Ferrets are funny little critters, they will try and chew just about anything. A constant vigilance is needed. NEVER think your ferret won’t touch that. Chances are they will!

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