Basic Needs For Your Pet Ferret

by Lee Dobbins

A ferret can be a fun pet that will provide you with hours of amusement. If you are thinking about adopting a ferret, you should take the time to learn about their needs. You will need to buy a few things to get you started including a proper cage, adequate ferret foods, vitamins and toys. You should make sure to get your ferret to the vet within the first few weeks and each year after that. Here’s some tips on making sure you have the perfect setup for your new pet.


A cage is not something that the ferret should stay in all the time. The ferret needs to get his exercise and will become quite unfriendly if locked up all the time. The cage itself should not be smaller than two feet by two feet by two feet. This will allow for enough room for the ferret to move about. The ferret can be kept in a cage that is this large for at least eight hours. If you plan to get a smaller cage, insure that the ferret will be able to get out and about during the daytime hours and that the cage is only used at night time.


Ferrets require a specific mix of nutrients and their foods can be expensive. But, the thing to remember is that the ferret will generally eat more food if he is not getting the nutrition that he needs. You may actually save your money if you do not purchase the poor quality stuff and give your ferret the food that he needs instead. You can find out how foods compare in quality by just looking at the ingredients in the more expensive foods and the lesser expensive foods. You should also supplement your ferret’s diet with a multi vitamin.


Ferret toys should be provided for your ferret. If you have one of these adorable and curious little creatures, part of your job of keeping them healthy and happy is to give them lots of things to play with. For those that are looking for something to do with their pet, consider provide toys that are designed for a kitten or even larger, adult cat toys. Really, these can be more affordable to purchase and easier to find than specific ferret toys. They will provide your pet with a great time too. Ferrets also love to dig so you might want to invest in a good harness so you can take your pet outside and let him do some digging, otherwise he might focus his attention on your plants!

Vet Care

In order to keep your pet ferret healthy and happy, you need to make sure he gets his yearly checkup as well as take him to the vet if he appears ill. Prompt attention to illness is important as ferrets can go downhill very quickly.

Pet insurance is geared towards helping you to meet your financial goals when your ferret will get sick. Just like any other type of insurance, it can help when you need it the most. For example, if your ferret develops a tumor, you may need to have it removed. For that, you will need to have surgery on your ferret which is quite expensive. Instead of having to make a decision about whether you should take on the expensive debt or risk your ferret’s life, you can use your insurance for the ferret instead. Finding the right pet insurance plan is the key here. To find it, make sure that you look at several companies and what they can offer you.

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