Bathroom Blues

by Colby
(Arizona, USA)

I had a 7 year old Panda Ferret that had to be put down to sleep due to a large tumor in his tummy. I’ve always had my room just for my ferrets “ferret proofed”, or so I thought.

When we got are 3 new ferrets, one of the went missing one day. We looked all over the house and the room where they would stay.

For 6 years, my ferret never got lost … now, having new ones for 3 hours, 1 of them went missing.

After tearing up the room as much as I could I found that little girl in a drawer in the bathroom.. She had found a small hole, about the size of a golf ball & she was able to squeeze into and crawl up into the drawers. I found her all curled up and very comfy in the top drawer.

So one thing to think of is that what you can’t see, doesn’t mean that they can’t find it.

Comments for Bathroom Blues

Dec 24, 2009 Getting into drawers
by: Anonymous

I hear ya! I had a slinky boy who managed to get up into the top drawer of our vanity one day and he gave me the fright of my life when I opened the drawer to see his smiling face staring back at me.They can get into all kinds of places and it really keeps ya hoppin’ tryin’ to work out where they’ll go next!

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