by Bell
(London uk )

I am a first time ferret owner and have wanted one for a number of years.

My 19 year old son got one from a local pet shop and phoned me to tell me his good news. I went over to see the furry fuzz ball named Caos and my son said the shop had 1 more male, his brother.

Well, I was down to the shop spending my hard earned holiday money (holiday was starting the next day).

We named him Bam-Bam. My son was only to pleased to look after him while I was away.

I’m now back and loving Bam-Bam’s company. He has given us hours of laughter and my 7 year old daughter is getting used to him (meaning picking him up). Watching both play is wonderful as he gives her the entertainment and she gives him the love and attention he needs.

I would like to get him a ferret friend but have not decided yet.

Our Staffy also gets on with Bam-Bam. Bam-Bam chats to her but she knows to wander off to a safer spot.

My arms were marked with bruises from Bam-Bam’s bites but I have since told him the NO word and tapped his bottom and he has learned. He was already poop tray trained and had been put on a harness by the pet shop owner whose words were “he goes the opposite way to where you want to go”.

It feels like I have had Bam-Bam for a lot longer and love the little ferret behaviour. Total troublesome.

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Sep 15, 2010 Bam-Bam
by: Anonymous

Your Bam-Bam sounds like a real character and lots of fun. I’m always surprised to hear even nowadays that people think ferrets are vicious, smelly creatures when there is so much proof from new ferret owners that this is not the case.Hopefully with sites like this we can break down the misconception and teach people what really great pets ferrets make.

I hope your Bam-Bam continues to contribute hugely to you and your family’s lives and that maybe one day you’ll find a playmate for him 🙂

Great story!!

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