Beware of heavy objects

by Cheryl
(Melbourne, FL)

Although ferrets are very small, what many may fail to realize is that they are very strong. We had our Sherlock for almost a year and while we were home and awake he had free roam of the house.

In our bedroom we kept my husband’s shadow box (where it had been from day one). It was a Sunday morning and our day was as usual, Mr. Lock was running around and all seemed fine when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang. I jumped up to see and in my room I found my little guy laying on the floor. He (weighing only 2 pounds) had somehow moved the 30 pound shadow box and it fell hitting him.

We rushed him to the vet, but they were unable to save him.

So please for all you ferret owners/lovers out there don’t make the same mistake that I did. Ferret proof your home and realize no matter their size, ferrets ARE VERY STRONG.


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Aug 02, 2013 :{
by: Anonymous

What a terrible thing to happen to your little man and what a horrible shock for you guys – but thank you for warning us all about what could happen.My sincere condolences on your loss :'(


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