Bitter Yuck!

by Justine
(Idaho, USA)

I live in Idaho, USA.

About a week ago i brought home a new baby kit, and named her Tuesday. She’s adorable but of course hates being petted and loved. Despite her cuddly appearance, she loves to tear around, chew and dig on everything she can get her little hands on. I tried blocking gaps and holes around my house with everything i could think of, but being so small, Tuesday found a way around all my barricades.

I was told by a friend to use a non-sting bitter apple spray to spray around her little hiding spots and non-approved chew things. And I have to admit it’s working! Tuesday takes one sniff and takes off in the other direction!

I’m much more relaxed now letting little Tuesday run free in her new home 🙂

The bitter spray I use is called NaturVet Bitter Yuck! It’s water based and will not sting your pet. It’s also safe to use on plants, and it was only $6.99 at my local pet store.


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Sep 10, 2012 Toxic to cats
by: Anonymous

Bitter Yuck has rosemary oil as its principle ingredient, which is toxic to cats. Beware using it.

May 28, 2009 Bitter Sprays
by: Lissy

That’s exactly what I did with my baby Heartspark when i bought him home as a kit. He didn’t like cuddles either and loved to bite. I bought an Australian bitterent spray called Wound-Gard which you can get at your local vets (over the counter) and I sprayed it on my hands to discourage him from the taste of my flesh (*rolls eyes), though of course it would somehow end up in my mouth too. It works, but should be combined with gentle discipline and scolding as well so they will learn.

As for corners and furniture, I use Get Off My Garden spray which is another Aussie over-the-counter at the vets product. This is good for spraying the areas you DON’T want them to use a bathroom 😛

As for a loving cuddly ferret, just keep hugging that kit and lavishing it with attention until it can no longer resist! That’s what I did with my two and now I have the sweetest most loving and friendly ferrets i could ever hope for.

P.S: I love the name Tuesday 🙂 it’s SO cute!
P.P.S: If anyone is going to use Wound-Gard on their own skin make sure you wash it off after playing with your bitey fuzzy, it isn’t meant for long contact with human skin.

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