Blanket disasters.

by Chrissi

Okay, so I have had two big disasters with pet store blankets (the kind they sell for dogs and cats). One of them is pretty cringe-worthy, and the other happened yesterday and I am still reeling from it.

A few years ago I had a whole polecat hob. Absolute love of my life. He was due to get done, but was happily spending his time humping everything in sight. Unfortunately at some point in the night he must have been humping his teddy with the blanket in the way… I’m not going to go into too many details, but when I went to get him out in the morning the threads had wrapped good and tight around the base of his most personal parts, and it was massively swollen and purple. I managed to VERY carefully remove it with a razor blade and an extremely steady hand, but upon ringing the vets for advice I was confronted with professionals who literally had no idea what to do, and had never heard of this happening. Thankfully my Ryuko was a tough one, and was back to normal in no time.

Yesterday I went to get my girl out for a play and a cuddle, only to discover she had done the same thing… but this time with her neck. Her entire head was incredibly swollen and she was near death. I did the same thing to remove the threads, and have been sat up all night with her feeding her soft food and water. She has survived, but I think she may have some lasting brain damage.

She wasn’t using one of those pet blankets, and yet she still managed it. I have now learned to buy cheap soft t-shirts, change them every few days, and check my ferrets constantly. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

Sorry for the long story. Chrissi.


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Apr 09, 2013 So glad your story didn’t have a sad ending
by: Anonymous

Hi Chrissi

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. My goodness, we do have to be paranoid when it comes to our ferrets, don’t we 🙁

I’m very glad both your ferrets survived their ordeal with the blankets but I hope your little girl doesn’t have any lasting problems after what happened to her. I’m so happy that you found her when you did and that you managed to get those threads cut.

Please give your little one a big hug from her new friends down under 🙂

~ Nona

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