Block off BEHIND the dryer

by Heather
(Virigina, United States)

When we first got our ferret, Spaz, we of course checked for holes and what not and it seemed that he could not get out anywhere. We were VERY wrong!

It was winter, and I had gone over to my in laws house down the street to pick something up, *snowing outside* and I came back and Spaz was missing. Searching frantically, I couldn’t find him for hours! My husband came home and he opens the door with Spaz shivering in his arms and he’s trying to understand why the ferret was playing in the snow!

It turns out he had gotten BEHIND the dryer, chewed up the duct that leads from the dryer out of the house, and slipped out the vent! Needless to say, we put some heavy tape over that duct to keep him from doing it again!


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Dec 14, 2010 Clever ferret!
by: Anonymous

Wow, for your ferret to work out how to get out through the vent is pretty impressive! Thank goodness he stayed around the house and didn’t wander away!!

I think most ferrets are fiendishly clever when it comes to working things out.

Many years ago I had a very energetic little guy who figured out how to climb up to the top of my top loader washing machine. Gave me the fright of my life to see him dancing on the top one day, especially as he was within inches of the open laundry window (it had flywire but we all know how easy it is for ferrets to rip a hole in that material!).

I put him down and watched as he went behind the machine and wriggled up with his back against the wall as support. Incredible! Had to get my husband to block off all access so he wouldn’t do that again.

You really have to think outside the square with ferrets 😉

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