by Jacque carlyle


What do you think I’m standing here for??? Hand over that there treat !!!!


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Apr 13, 2009 BoBo
by: JC

Jimmy I’m sure your mother knows best, But I will tell you one thing. Once you bring a sweet ferret into your life, you will know what a joy it is to have a friend. Some times Jimmy, things are worth waiting for. Try reading up on what ferrets are like to own & there’s a lot of sites out there & a lot of nice people who own ferrets to talk to.My BoBo is my live wire so to speak, he’s 3 years old and my baby. Thanks for your comment & I hope some day you get your own BoBo.

Apr 13, 2009 Bobo
by: Jimmy

Love to see the way he stands. I want a ferret but my parents say not till I’m older. When I get one, I want one like Bobo.

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