Boy or girl? & why

by Ashley
(Opp, al)

Hi, I was wondering do you rather have a boy or girl ferret and why? I’m in the process of choosing one:)


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Apr 03, 2013 my post 🙂
by: ashle 

thanks y’all this helped so much!!!:)

Mar 25, 2013 I love either
by: Tia 

I seriously can’t choose whether I like a boy or girl better. I can say boys are harder (in my opinion) to take care of as babies because they will pee on themselves but that’s basically it, I think. When they’re adults they’re equal. I think so, anyway.

How I choose whether I want a boy or girl, and I suggest for other people and you too, is I just go to our Pet Store (only place near that sells ferrets where I’m from, so you don’t have to be at a pet store) and I find the ferret I fall in love with, hold them, test them out even though I know they’re the one, and then find out the gender. Male or female doesn’t matter to me. That’s how I did it with 2/3 of my ferrets.

Good luck!

Jan 17, 2013 Boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus 😉
by: Anonymous 

Sorry about that – couldn’t resist being silly 😀

Ashley, as far as I’m concerned, having been a ferret owner for 18 years now, the only difference between boys and girls is that boys are bigger!

You can get cuddly boys or stand-offish boys, just like you can with girls. It all depends on their temperament. But if you have a smoochy boy, then there’s more of him to cuddle 🙂

I love both, so I think you should go and find a ferret which you fall in love with (and vice versa, of course)!!

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