brand new

by Zachary
(laplata Md)

So I randomly picked up a ferret from my pet store. I have had her for a few days now. She has been low key this whole time up until this morning. She was literally bouncing off the walls! She jumped in the air right in front of my feet, than ran down the hallway and dove under the sofa. She popped out the end within seconds and went into a whole other room.

I called my neighbor up and told him all about her. He is the reason why I got a ferret in the first place. He told me all about his and how amazing they all were. So I called him up and asked him if I could name my ferret after his latest and greatest. He. of course, said I could and was really excited when I called him and told him how energetic she was acting today.

He said he would be over to see her shortly. So I grabbed her up and put her back in her sleeping area so she would be full of energy when he came over. Once he arrived she would not wake up for love or money. He of course was happy just to have her sit inside his jacket during his visit. When she did finally wake she had so much energy and was ready to rock! My friend said she finally got used to being in our home and that was her true personality showing.

We all seem to really like her!


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Nov 18, 2014 Your ferret!
by: Anonymous Zachary, you sound like your ferret has become a part of the family.

They are such incredible little animals with so much personality and intelligence that I really hope you see that.

Please don’t get tired of your little girl if she doesn’t perform every day to amuse you and please, whatever you do, don’t get tired of her and dump her at a shelter.

I hope your friend who had a ferret before explained what they’re like as pets – some are just great, others can be REALLY naughty.

It’d be great if you could update me and tell me how you’re finding it as a ferret owner as the months go on as I’m sure newbies here would really appreciate your input!

Thanks so much for posting about your new addition and please give her a super big hug from her new pals from way down under 😀



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