BuzzBalls for Ferrets

Notice: BuzzBalls have always seemed a safe toy, but there are a few things to consider:

They are not for very large ferrets that can easily puncture or open a ping pong ball.

They should never be left alone with a ferret that has a tendency to chew things. (My newest ferret can chew through three braided nylon strings in less than five minutes!)

How to make BuzzBalls:

1. Take a ping pong ball and drill an 1/8″ hole in it.

2. Insert the tip of an Exacto knife in the hole about 1/8″, sharp side facing up, and pry up, making a small slit. Do this in four directions.

3. Place a BB on the hole, and with your thumb nails, press it into the ping pong ball.

4. Cut a piece of nylon string (using a lighter) about 32″ long.

5. Tie a knot in the end, passing the end through the loop twice (this makes the knot about the size of a BB).

6. Press the knot into the hole in the ping pong ball.

7. Apply a drop or two of Super Glue right where the string passes into the ball (making sure to pull the knot tight against the inside of the hole).

8. Make three of these, tie the strings together about 1.5″ from the balls, then braid them up to about 1.5″ from the other end and tie them together.

That’s it!

The BuzzBalls I have made have lasted for many months, and not one has come apart.

Variation: Some have voiced concern that, if the BB were to come out, the ferret might swallow it, and have used candy cake decorating “sprinkles” (small silver balls about the size of a BB) instead. But, I think BB’s are heavier and will make a better “buzz” than candy can do.



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