Cabinet Disaster

by Jenna Reddell
(Flower Mound Texas U.S.)

Well my sweet ferret, Lilly, was roaming around the house and I thought I had completly ferret-proofed the house. I was really wrong.

My mom and I were watching T.V. and I heard a faint scratching noise. I know that when I do not hear Lilly, she is probably getting herself in trouble. I had read somewhere that when you cannot find your ferret think of 10 places that they could NOT possibly be. . . . . now look there!! I tried that and it worked. She was under my cabinets in my bathroom.

So when you let your ferret roam around try putting plexi-glass, towels or anything that would block the 2 inch space between the base board and cabinets.


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Mar 17, 2010 Lilly
by: Anonymous 

It’s scary how easily a ferret can get into trouble so thanks for the tip.

Glad to know LIlly was OK after it all 🙂

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