Cage queries

by Emily

I am 12 and I was wondering if I could use my old summer house into a ferret cage. It’s got an easy ladder I could make a ramp 🙂 and just put a avary on the outside so they have somewhere to go outside.

My summer house is nice and big and i can put ferret touches like fixing the windows so they can see out and it’s safe so nothing can get in or out unless they’re supposed to 😀

Do you think this would be a good idea?

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Jul 17, 2009 Hmmmm
by: Emily

How do i upload a picture ??

Jul 16, 2009 cage query
by: Anonymous

I guess the biggest thing you’d have to watch out for is if your ferret could squeeze out of a hole or something. Do you have a photo you can upload for us to see so that we’ve got a better idea of what your talking about?

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