by alyssa rowley
(frederick md united states)

Okay! So I was thinking of getting a new cage for my ferret Rufus! but my dad thinks all they do is eat and sleep in the cage.

But let me tell you this if you are a kid and you’re at school, is the ferret supposed to just lay in bed until you get home?

So you should get a cage that has room for him to walk around and play, 1 cozy hammock to sleep in and an eating area big enough, so the ferret is not crammed between the food bowl and the water tank or whatever!

So remember … big cage is a happy ferret!!!!!


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Jul 03, 2009 cages
by: Tammy (Mr.Herms mom)

the best cage that I have found I bought online at
I have 13 ferrets and they love their cages..I have 2 put together..
it comes with everything..a litter box that fits the cage.. swings bedding’s wonderful!!

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