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This isn’t actually her but its a gorgeous photo

Today I went to the pet shop with my dad to buy crickets for some little critters we own. That’s when I saw one of the most beautiful animals I had ever seen. Gorgeous little ferrets. I called my dad over to look at them and he thought they were adorable. I took a photo if them and sent it to my mum saying ‘I want a ferret! They’re so cute!’ Her reply unfortunately was ‘no you don’t. They are very hard to look after. And they smell bad’. I was so sad to have to walk away from those tiny bundles of fur. Later on I was texting my best friend and we agreed that if we could convince my mum to let us keep it at her house that we would split the cost of the ferret, a cage, and her food. We are hoping that she will say yes, and we can get a little ferret. We will get an albino female and name her Callileia Draconia or Callydray for short. Of course you have to have Draco somewhere in the name of a white ferret!

Does anyone know how I can convince my mum to let us keep a ferret? Please help. Help us for Callydray!


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Jan 08, 2013 Callydray
by: Anonymous

I’m sorry your mum won’t let you get a ferret. You do understand they’re very high maintenance pets and you have to make sure that your house is ferret proofed so that they don’t get out.

Maybe it’s better to wait until you move out of your parents’ house and get your own place before you get a ferret. By then you might not want one any more and if you do, then you won’t have to worry about the ferret upsetting your parents, just your flatmate – lol!

However, if you do want to try and persuade your mother, then maybe look through the posts by people who’ve got a new ferret here and pick the ones where they say how they fell in love with their new pet in moments as they were so sweet 🙂

Good luck!

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