can’t get one but really want a ferret

by Jared

My parents won’t let me get a ferret but I want one. I did a ton of research but no! I said I’ll pay for it and still no! I’m not the thinnest person in the world so I told them it will keep me off the laptop I have – they said no! I told them I’ll wash the cars – no! “But no no no no no ferret!”

Can u help me get a ferret?

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May 28, 2010 I want a ferret.
by: Susan

Great advice JC. Ferrets take a lot of looking after and I do not care how much you’ve read, it never fully prepares you for the hijinxs of a ferret.

1) Ferret proofing your do your parents feel about that?

2) Is there a good vet nearby and are you aware of costs?

and..what I think is the most important reason..
WHY? Why a ferret.

Over the years I have heard everything imaginable on why someone wants a ferret. Sadly for most, mainly those who have never had one, they have seen one on TV and that’s the reason. These people, I send away from our shelter as I know from experience that I’ll get the ferret back.

Good luck with your search.

May 27, 2010 can’t get one but really want a ferret
by: JC

Maybe if you have your parents read up on them or have them check out the sites that talk about ferrets & what a joy they are.

Do you have any other pets at the present time??
If it’s ok, How old are you ??

All I can say is if you really love them & understand what it takes to care for them, you will have a sweet Angel or 2 some day.

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