by Kieran
(Essex, England)

Spent 20 minutes looking for my ferret Tilly. Couldn’t find her anywhere.

We were on our hands and knees, searching under sofas and furniture; luckily none of us crawled into the middle of the room where the ferret was fast asleep under the carpet.

We figure she found a corner of the room where the carpet was accessible, went underneath and went to the middle of the room.

Had to wake her up and coax her to the wall so we could lift the carpet and get her out.

Tilly has also found 6 toy cars I had when I was a kid! Where she found ’em I don’t know, but it’s amazing what they come across 🙂


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May 08, 2009 Tilly
by: Anonymous

That is so funny! Glad you found Tilly and your cars and the scare ended as a happy story, not a sad one 🙂

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