Cars in the Garage

by Lucy Robinson
(United Kingdom)

My husband has always been fond of his sports cars. He keeps them clean and dry in our garage.

My two ferrets also live in the garage and come out to play everyday on the floor. For about a year they were fine running under the car and in and out of all the clutter that was also stored in the garage.

Then one day the smartest of the two ferrets found that she could climb up into the undercarriage of the sports car. She could then be heard scratching about somewhere inside the car before she came back out again.

She would have to back all the way out because there was no room for her to turn round.This became an everyday game and she would always run up inside the car if she didn’t want to go back in her cage.

Disaster stuck when the other ferret, who’s not too bright, decided to go up into undercarriage of the car. She hadn’t got the sense to back up for the full length of the car.

She was stuck inside the car for two days until I made my husband rip apart his precious sports car to get her out!

This story has an happy ending but I now don’t think it was good idea to let them near that car in the first place. They could have licked oil or anything like that.

I hope my story will prevent any accidents that could happen involving cars. Ferrets are too precious!


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Dec 26, 2009 Happy ending
by: Anonymous

I’m really glad your story had a happy ending and thanks for sharing that with us.

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