Casper – 2003 to 2010

She was the most lovable, friendliest, adorable little girl. Even her sister, the cat, misses her dearly. She brought laughter to my life…she was my littlest girl. I was and still am heartfelt by her loss. I lost one of my children….and just like losing a child, she cannot be replaced.

My Little Girl:
I saw your smiley little face,
That is when I knew you were the one,
To take home and love,
From that moment and thereon.

You brought so much joy,
Whether it was your funny little dance,
Or that little smiley face,
Either or put me in such a happy trance.

I would be feeling troubled,
But you always gave me back a smile,
Just by showing how much you loved me,
Each and everyday and all the while.

Then you curled up into a ball,
And position yourself into a swirl,
Oh My Little Casper,
Oh My Little Girl.

I will always remember you,
I will always miss you,
I will always LOVE you.

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