Chains holding up tubes.

by Cloudy
(Birmingham, UK.)

I recently got a new cage for my three carpet sharks, with lovely plastic tunnels that are attached around the cages with chains+clips for them to climb up to the different floors and platforms.

The ferrets love these tubes so much they’re up and down them all the time. I was quite lucky to be there when my jill, Tulip, had accidently slid down one of these tubes and almost hung herself on one of the chains holding them up.

I’ve now fixed it so that every chain and anything similar is on the outside of the cage rather than in the way of falls and tumbles.

My advice in anything potentially hazardous in this way should be positioned so it can be outside their safe haven, or just plain discarded.


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Mar 10, 2011 Chains & Clips
by: Anonymous

Good thing your ferret didn’t hurt herself in the chain.

What you said is so true. You have to make sure there’s nothing nearby which can hurt your ferrets and I’m glad that you fixed your chains so that they won’t be dangerous.

There’s so much to think about with ferrets, isn’t there! Sheesh – worse than having little kids in the house – LOL!

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