Charlie “Blood thirsty Wolverine” and Dee”mon”

by Morgan


I got my ferrets at the end of October. They were eight weeks when I bought them and as they get older, the more devious and whittier they became.

As far as ferret proofing I can’t say I’ve done the best job, but they’ve never got lost inside my bedroom or got a hold of anything that was not allowed. My biggest lesson on them though is you must constantly be WATCHING.

In the same day I lost both. I was taking them outside on their leashes and in a mad dash Charlie escaped his harness as i was walking out the door. I scooped Dee up and went inside. While my cats are terrified of them I would not put it past them to eat one if they had the chance. I could not find him and once I looked in the yard I saw both the cats and new he was safe. I took Dee out and in her great escape she stuck around so I gave her trust she wouldn’t run off. I saw my cat getting in hunting mode so I went over to her and by the time I turned my head back she was gone. I discovered her under the deck. She didn’t not come out for at least twenty minutes returning with a mud filled face and nose.

In my adventure I remembered one thing, my ferrets are fatties. I pulled out their food and out they came. Charlie was in the laundry room in the basement. We stick to the bedroom now.

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Jun 08, 2009 Same here!
by: Lissy

Lol, the same thing happened to me when I brought my baby girl, Lilah, home on her first day 🙂

She’s unusually tiny for a ferret and as a baby she looked more like a big mouse. Anyway, I have a ferret cage which is around five levels I think and I’d already had my boy ferret for a week at that stage (he’s quite big) and hadn’t had any problems so I popped Lilah in the cage, watched her for a bit, then turned out the lights and left them to settle in, closing all the doors behind me.

While they were babies I kept them and their cage inside as I didn’t want them out in the elements – they both live outside now.

Anyway i came back after maybe 15 minutes to check on them and Lilah was gone! Chubby Heartspark was sound asleep but Lilah was nowhere to be seen! After a few minutes of looking my sisters and I found tiny Lilah scuttling around under the bed and after checking she was OK, we put her back in the cage.

This time we stayed and watched and to our suprise we saw her lie on her side and wriggle through the bars! These bars were only 1.5cms apart at the most, she’s like a contortionist ferret! She ended up spending her first week with us in a bird cage until she’d grown enough not to escape.

She can still get through anything more than 3.5cms or so…

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