by jean-paul
(gosford, australia)

Cheeky was only 6 months..he died today at the vet of a blockage. He ate a rubber ball and we didn’t find out till today.

We drove him to the vet who pressed too hard on his guts and it ruptured.

Cheeky was alright before we left him there … alert, loving, just a bit lethargic. They killed my Cheeky.

We didn’t say goodbye, just see you soon. They called us half an hour later and told us he died. We are crying now.

Cheeky had such a gentle nature. Always up for fun, taking my wallet, my keys, running away with things bigger than him.

We will miss his cheeky style, that’s why he had that name. Always getting on my fiancee’s back and biting the soft spots on her skin…

We had so much fun and it is so unfair they took him off us so fast..I will never be the same. We are so sad 🙁 terribly sad 🙁 🙁

I hope Cheeky will be happy were he is. I miss him so much, it’s just so unfair..

I have no photos, just videos of him … that is all what is left of our best friend.

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