Chi Chi

by Kayla
(alabama, USA)

I got my first ferrets Chi Chi for my sixteenth birthday.

After a year of owning her, I came home from a friend’s house one day and went into my room to find the cage door empty and Chi Chi missing.

I searched the entire house for 6 hours!!!!!!!! Then I found a hole next to my mom’s bath tub (that led to under our house), that I was so sure she had went through.

I went under the house, looking for her with no luck for another hour, so I went back to my room to sit and think, while crying like a baby because I had lost my best friend and was a horrible mommy!!

I don’t know why but I looked back in her cage and noticed her hammock was sagging down! Turns out the whole time she was asleep in her hammock and was covered up by her favorite bandanna.

I gently pet her and she peeked up as to say, hey mom what’s wrong, why are you crying and smiling??

I was so relieved.

So my my lesson was always check the cage first and stay calm.

I <3 Fuzzies!!!!!!!!!  

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Feb 20, 2009 Chi Chi
by: Anonymous

So glad to hear your Chi Chi was safe.They sure have away of keeping us on our toes.
Thanks for shareing.
JC & Gang

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