Chloe Cochrane

by Chloe Cochrane
(Maine, United States)

Hello. I’m about to get a ferret for the first time. I go to a boarding school in Maine, but I live at home. I’m afraid of a few things about my future ferret.
1. I’m adopting him from a shelter.
2. I have a dog and two cats.
3. I go to school from 8 to 6
4 I have a big house that I’m not sure is “ferret proof”
5. I’ve never owned one before…

Ive always wanted one but I’m afraid of having to give it up again due to my inability to take care of him.

IF you own a ferret, have any information that will make me feel better, suggestions on websites that can answer my questions or advice my email is:


and you can message me on Facebook. my name is:

Chloe Cochrane. (with the period!) I live in Maine.

PLEASE write to me!

Thank You,


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Oct 01, 2010 taking care of ferrets
by: ferret owen

Have a really big cage with lot of hammocks,use total ferret food – that is the best ferret food around.

Ferret proofing a home is like child proofing the home. There’s books out there, even on this site, which can help you.

They love playing with boxes, plastic bags, balls, tubs, bells. They are great at hiding thing, stealing things.

They do need the shots every year.

Good luck
ferret owner

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