Chordoma in Ferrets


A chordoma is a tumor believed to originate from the embryonal remnants of the notochord and is usually seen at the tip of the tail, making it look similar to the knob of a club.

© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti Kiupel (used with permission) – Ferret Health Advancement at MSU

They are easily removed surgically and the cancer doesn’t seem to spread to other areas from the tail.

However a chordoma can also appear in a ferret’s cervical (neck) region and those ones are, unfortunately, fatal ?

Ferrets can also develop , which is a tumor which can occur anywhere along the spine, ribs, or breast bone and tends to cause spinal cord compression and associated problems. This should be removed surgically, if possible.chondrosarcoma

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There’s a pdf called “Condroid Chordoma in a Ferret” by J Webster, Matti Kiupel, F Kennedy (MSU) – please click HERE to download it.

It’s pretty technical but could be useful to show to a vet who isn’t ferret knowledgeable if your ferret has a chordoma 🙂



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